Осенне-зимние шапки для разных форм лица – Aungwinter

Осенне-зимние шапки для разных форм лица - Aungwinter

People who are afraid of the cold and it’s very hard for them to make a stylish look in the cold weather. Besides, keeping warm in bulky clothes has nothing to do with fashion. So, is it possible to be warm and fashionable at the same time with some clothing accessories? The answer is yes – hats.


Hats are not only for winter dressing but also for keeping warm and adding spirit to the whole look. If you want to create a look with temperament and accent, then a hat is an essential part of the whole look.


Here today, Aungwinter, a professional supplier of custom winter hats, is going to explore the trendy hats of the year 2023 and how to wear them.


Identify Your Face Shape

  • Long face: length/width > 1.5, if the result is greater than 1.5, then the face shape can be identified as a long face.
  • Round face: length/width close to 1, the width of the forehead = the width of the chin, the chin is round and smooth, and the facial line is gentle and soft.
  • Square face: length/width < 1.5, the width of the forehead = the width of the chin, the chin is square and the facial line is hard.
  • Oval face: 1 < length/width < 1.5, the width of the forehead is slightly wider than the width of the chin, and the chin is soft.
  • Heart-shaped face: length/width < 1.5, the chin width > forehead width, and the chin is sharpened.
  • Diamond-shaped face: the chin width > forehead width, and the chin is relatively sharpened.

face shapes


Face: Round Face & Heart-Shaped Face

Suitable hat: Newsboy caps

Newsboy caps were worn by newsboys in the beginning and have gradually become a fashion item, as a result, many men wear newsboy caps in the later. Newsboy caps are harder than berets and much slicker, suitable for cool girls. What’s more, newsboy caps are not picky about the seasons, and it is also suitable to wear a newsboy cap in the summer.

newsboy cap-02


For example, this look is combined with a long coat, a striped shirt and jeans + a newsboy cap, there should be some people who like this combination. Also, this look has a bit of an army style to it, which looks vintage and elegant at the same time.

newsboy cap-04


Face: Round Face & Square Face

Suitable hat: Berets

Winter is a very nice season to wear berets. Berets don’t have a brim and most berets are made of wool or cloth, which can give people a warm feeling and is suitable for elegant, intellectual and feminine dressing.



The following outfit is a combination of a knit top + wide pants + fur slippers (the slippers can also be pea shoes or scoop shoes). The color of the outfit and the socks echo each other. In addition, such a combination brightens the dark color row, which looks like literature and art.



The outfit below is a light color, but the toe bag is a dark color with a grid. Such a combination goes well with a black beret, which is also discreet.



Face: Diamond-Shaped Face & Long Face

Suitable hat: Bucket hats

Bucket hats have been popular for a long time and they are suitable to create a fresh look. When choosing a bucket hat, the most important thing is the color. Bright colored bucket hats are cute, and subdued colored bucket hats can create a sense of high fashion. European and American models wear a bucket hat casually on the street, which is eye-catching, and it’s nice to pair with jackets in early fall.

bucket hat-01


As the same dressing principle above, if your bucket hat is coffee color, then please choose a solid color coat and the inner layer can choose from the same color range as the coffee bucket hat.

bucket hat-02


Face: Oval Face & Long Face

Suitable hat: Baseball caps

Baseball caps are also not picky about seasons. Whether going out, hanging on the street, traveling or having your meal, baseball caps can dress casually and show a sense of fashion easily. Whether simple baseball caps or trendy baseball caps, they are all good choices.

baseball cap-01


In general, baseball caps are very fashionable. Plus, if you are wearing casual clothes, you can throw on a baseball cap and go right out.

baseball cap-02


Face: Round Face & Oval Face

Suitable hat: Octagonal caps

In general, octagonal caps are similar to newsboy caps, so wearing an octagonal cap will have an age-reducing effect.

octagonal cap-01


Octagonal caps can match short skirts or long skirts, no matter whether short skirts or long skirts, each combination has a different sense of temperament.

octagonal cap-02


Face: Any Face

Suitable hat: Beanies

Beanies, namely hats made of knitted wool, are common knitted hats. In addition, beanies are easy to create different looks, literature and art or handsome. However, for this kind of hat, we must pay attention to the quality, otherwise, beanies look like cheap items, which can lower the temperament.



A slouchy high-top beanie paired with a winter sweatshirt or Korean down jacket can keep you warm and look younger.



All the above we share today will help you choose the right winter hat according to your face shape. Ready for the winter fashion game, come and get the right one and start your fashion game. We will post the new blog related to winter hats, customization or winter fashion from time to time, if you are interested, please add our blog to your browser bookmark. Hope you enjoy this blog.

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