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From the design and planning to the production, and delivery. We provide one-stop service.

About Us

Our Story

Aungwinter, founded in 1998 in Shenzhen,China. Now it’s one of the world leading one-stop manufacturer and supplier for world wide branded clothes and hats customizing.

Our orders come from all over the world, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, the United States, and other regions, the products are sold in thousands of independent stroes, and online selling. Customers have received consistent praise.

Aungwinter's Initial Stage

Small-Scale Operation

- Aungwinter started with 15 employees, including designers, craftsmen, and administrative staff.
- Initially, our company focused on producing a limited range of hat styles and relies on local distribution channels.
- The primary goal in this stage was to establish a strong foundation, build a reputation for quality products, and gain a loyal customer base.



Fast Development

Expansion and Diversification

- With increasing demand for their hats, Aungwinter expanded operations and hires additional employees.
- Aungwinter introduced new hat styles and explores different materials and designs to cater to a wider market.
- Aungwinter established partnerships with regional distributors and retailers to expand their reach beyond the local market.

March 2001

Nanshan Shenzhen

The First Factory

Establishing the First Factory

Establishing the First Factory (2003) - Due to consistent growth, Aungwinter decided to set up our first factory to meet rising production demands.
- The factory allows us to streamline manufacturing processes, increase efficiency, and maintain higher quality control.
- The number of employees grows significantly as we hired more workers for the factory's operations.

April 2003

Nanshan, Shenzhen

Multiple Factories

Multiple Factories and National Presence

Multiple Factories and National Presence - Aungwinter experiences substantial success and decides to open three additional factories in different regions.
- These factories help us scale up production, diversify their product offerings, and ensure efficient distribution across the country.
- With a larger workforce, aungwinter expanded our national presence and became well-known brand in the hat industry.

February 2015

Longgang Shenzhen

Continued Growth

Continued Growth and Global Expansion (Year 13 onwards)

- Aungwinter consolidated its position as a leading hat producer within the domestic market.
- We began exploring opportunities for international expansion, establishing partnerships with distributors in other countries
. - By year 15,Aungwinter has over 500 employees, including skilled craftsmen, designers, administrative staff, and sales representatives.
- Our hats are exported to various global markets, contributing to out reputation as a renowned global hat manufacturer.

July 2018

Longgang, Shenzhen