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We are here to help you with your designs.

Aungwinter is a one-stop apparel factory. We not only produce the products but also help you through the design process. Our professional design team will turn your idea into visual designs and mock-ups. Opinions based on market trends will be offered to you as well to make your design better.

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How Do We Help You with Hat Design?

Our designers will need detailed requirements from you, as many details as possible such as company name, logo, a description, a sketch, color range, fabric details, size ranges, whether it’s for men, women, unisex or kids, fabric photos and any other inspirational images that illustrate your ideas perfectly.

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What your need to get started

Here are the things we will Need from you To Create And Expand your brand.


Branding Files

Your logo files extension should be like AI、PSD、EPS、SVG Or PDF.



Tech packs or at least 3 high-resolution reference images in different views or sketches.


Artwork Files

A vector file containing print, embroidery, notions, and packaging instruction with dimensions stated.

hat design

The General Procedures For Creating A Hat Design

Designing a hat involves several steps, from conceptualizing the idea to finalizing the design. Here are the general procedures for creating a hat design:

1. Research and conceptualize the hat idea: Before starting the design process, research different hat styles, materials, and trends to get inspiration for your design. This is also the time to consider the purpose of the hat, such as if it’s for fashion or function.

2. Create a sketch: Once you have an idea of what your hat should look like, sketch a rough design of what you envision. This can include basic shapes, colors, and any unique features or embellishments.

3. Refine the sketch: Use the initial sketch to create a more detailed sketch that reflects the desired look of the hat. Add finer details, such as stitching patterns and textures, to help bring the design to life.

4. Choose materials: Once the design has been refined, choose the materials to use for the hat. This includes selecting the fabric, trims, and other materials based on the design goals and functionality of the hat.

5. Create a technical drawing: With the hat design and materials selected, create a technical drawing that shows the hat’s dimensions, construction details, and any other relevant information needed to create a prototype.

6. Construct a prototype: With the technical drawing in hand, create a prototype of the hat to test the design and ensure it meets the desired look and functionality. This may involve multiple rounds of revisions.

7. Finalize the design: Once the prototype has been reviewed and refined, finalize the design. This includes making sure all details are ironed out and selecting any final touches, such as labels or branding.

By following these procedures, you can create a unique and functional hat design that fits the desired style and purpose.



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