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Skilled Workers

Aungwinter employs skilled workers who are trained in various aspects of hat-making, such as pattern-making, stitching, and finishing. These workers may include designers, cutters, sewers, and quality controllers.

Materials and Supplies

Aungcaps uses a variety of materials and supplies, such as felt, straw, fabrics, ribbons, and trimmings, to create fashionable and functional hats. These materials and supplies are often sourced from specialized suppliers who cater to the needs of the hat-making industry.

How It Work?

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The first step in finishing a custom hat order is designing . The design process involves working closely with the customer to understand their needs, preferences, and style. Our designer will need to consider the shape, style, color, materials, and any other custom features the customer may request.


Once the design is approved, the custom hat must be produced. This involves selecting the appropriate materials, cutting and shaping them, and assembling the hat in the desired style. Depending on the complexity of the design, multiple stages of production may be required, such as blocking and finishing.

Quality Control

The final major step is quality control. Once the custom hat is complete, it must be inspected to ensure that it meets the customer's specifications and quality standards. Any final adjustments or alterations may need to be made before the hat is packaged and delivered to the customer.

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