Cozy Winter Fashion Tips: Simple & Stylish

Cozy Winter Fashion Tips Simple & Stylish

Girls pay more attention to keeping warm and cozy in winter dressing and then consider the fashion and personality of dressing. These winter dress styles are daily wear for ordinary people – simple and casual, gentle and fashionable, cozy and fashionable at the same time. Each combination of outfits below is matched carefully.


Cozy Matching Skill for Winter Dressing

Cozy Matching Skill for Winter Dressing

① Color

When it comes to winter dressing, we need to consider the color aesthetics. The black cashmere baseball jacket is a relatively casual, simple outfit, and it’s also a very warm and cozy single item.


The inner layer is a casual hoodie, and the whole outfit is layered sporty, which looks very energetic and young. Pairing with black straight-leg pants to modify the legs can look slimmer and end with one pair of sporty shoes, then the limited sporty style for winter is created.


winter dressing styles

② Style

Most winter dressing styles are classic yet daily. The light brown puffer coat is a very ordinary coat that is suitable for home wear, and also for streetwear – simple and not sacrificing our personality.


The inner matching is knitwear in the same color series – simple & gentle. Pairing with plaid straight-leg pants is full of a sense of vintage. The simple style also can give people an impressive image. Therefore, the simple dressing style also deserves a try.


winter puffer coats

③ Accessory

The simple black knitwear matches a bottoming shirt at the inner – relaxing and simple. Girls’ daily dressing needs to be simple and natural. Pairing with straight-leg jeans, the whole outfit is cozy and ends up with one pair of plush casual shoes.


Casual, warm, and random dressing in winter. The dark-color dressing style needs an accessory which must be a red bag. The color contrast between red and black can make the dressing more attractive. What’s more, red accessories make girls more young.


Puffer Coat + Midi Skirt

Cozy & Warm Winter Dressing for Ordinary People

1. Puffer Coat + Midi Skirt

Pure white, light-weight, and thin puffer coat pairs with thermal underwear – simple, nice-looking & warm. The high-neck design can make this puffer coat supper great for keeping warm, moreover, it’s also fashionable when matching. Pairing with a black straight-leg knit skirt wraps the body and looks slimmer.


What’s more, knitted skirts are bouncy and stretchy, which can be a snug fit for females’ body curves, ending up with one pair of sporty shoes – a casual and lady-like look.


Long Puffer Coat + Long Pants

2. Long Puffer Coat + Long Pants

An over-knee puffer coat is the best single item for keeping warm in the cold weather – warm and cozy. In addition, the over-knee design can protect the legs from cold, wind, etc. Because puffer coats are thick, we can pair one inner layer – one sweater, which is simple and nice looking.


Pairing an over-knee puffer coat with one pair of long black pants can modify the legs and make them look longer. When it comes back to daily life, people are focused on comfort and keeping warm. However, when we learn how to dress in a warm and cozy way, yet keep elegant and sweat, it can be much better than simple looks.


down coat dressing

Moreover, simple over-knee down jackets give people a sense of simplicity and casualness when dressing, and also have a performance on keeping warm. Southern girls can match a bottoming shirt and one sweater as the inner layer. As for pants, pair with beige straight-leg long jeans, then the whole look is with a sense of gentleness.


As the dressing for the New Year, it’s also a great choice to match one pair of black shoes with soft soles, which is super comfortable to wear. Petite girls also can wear a long down jacket.


Casual Jacket + Long Pants

3. Casual Jacket + Long Pants

A casual and gentle jacket with a round neckline, pair with an inner layer – one knitted sweater that is skin-friendly and cozy. In addition, such a combination is super temperamental and ends up with split long pants, which are simple and stylish.


The split design at the hem modifies the legs, which makes the girl look slimmer. Split pants are popular this year, therefore matching with such long pants is stylish.


baseball coat + long flared pants

When talking about casual, simple yet cozy, and warm jackets, it couldn’t do without baseball coats.  Fulling of sporty feelings, we can match a baseball coat with one solid-color bottoming shirt, which is very nice-looking and natural. A cool and nice-looking sporty girl, there you are.


Pairing one pair of long black flared pants can modify the whole shape of the legs, especially the thigh, which looks slimmer. The calf part is mildly loose, which can make the legs look slimmer and longer in the visual sense. Relaxing yet simple dressing can put people have a great mood.

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