Embrace the Cold: 5 Hats to Enhance Your Winter Fashion

Embrace the Cold - 5 Hats to Enhance Your Winter Fashion

In this cold and windy winter, hats are becoming an essential part of our daily wear and styling. Not only can hats keep us warm, but they are also an eye-catching part of winter fashion. This winter, there are many hats to choose from. Here, Aungwinter, a reliable winter hat supplier with over 25 years of experience in hat and garment manufacturing, will introduce 5 kinds of winter hats to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Are you ready for this fun journey?


Warm Beanies

1.    Warm Beanies

Beanies are synonymous with warmth in winter or cold weather. When you talk about beanies, you can feel warm when you wear them. Beanies are one of the most popular hats in winter because of their soft texture and cozy warming effect. Whether a beanie is light color, dark color, or colorful, it can meet all the dressing requirements.



The advantage of beanies is that they keep you warm effectively and don’t make you look bloated at the same time. In the chilly winter, beanie hats are great helpers to keep you warm from the chilly wind and cold. At the same time, beanies are fashionable yet versatile, allowing you to have more designs for dressing and styling. What’s more, there are many styles of beanies – plain beanies, printed beanies, or cute pom-pom beanies, which can meet different aesthetics for different people.


Fashionable & Versatile Bucket Hats

2.  Fashionable & Versatile Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are a classic type of hat, the wide brim and rounded crown design make them fashionable and versatile dressing accessories. Therefore, bucket hats are not picky about face shape and are suitable for all face shapes, particularly for round-faced or square-faced girls. In winter, bucket hats not only can enhance your winter look but also can keep you warm and protect you from direct sunlight.


No matter whether you dress in casual styles or sports, bucket hats can show casual and natural beauty. Usually, the fabric of winter bucket hats is thick, but it can protect you from wind and cold, meanwhile, it won’t be too heavy while wearing.


Elegant Berets

3.    Elegant Berets

If beanies are the synonym of warmth, then berets are the synonym of elegance. Berets are a type of hat that is full of elegance, and the simple and fashionable hat shape can completely show the beauty and temperament of the feminine. Usually, berets are made of wool or leather, which is great for keeping the wearer warm.



There are many ways to wear a beret, such as wearing it straight, diagonally, or even backward. Therefore, you can easily create different looks with a beret. What’s more, berets are made of soft material, so they are very comfortable to wear.


4.    Vintage Newsboy Caps

Newsboy caps are a very classic type of hat with vintage charm and a sense of fashion. Simple lines and the cute front brim are the eye-catching parts of a newsboy cap. What’s more, newsboy caps are not picky about face shapes, so long or olive-faced women can wear a newsboy cap with confidence. What’s more, newsboy caps can not only add personal charm to your look but also keep you warm at the same time.


5.    Winter Guarder – Woolen Hats

In general, woolen hats are made of soft woolen fabrics in tightly woven ways to provide an excellent warming effect for the wearer. In addition, there are many styles, including plain styles, printed styles, and ornate styles with ornaments.

woolen hats


In the End

We hope all these 5 types of winter hats can enhance your winter look and more choices for you to refer to. Winter fashion doesn’t mean boring, please try a new look with one of these hats and take your winter look to the next level among others.

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