Knitted Hats for Winter: 13 Types of Beanies

Types of Beanies

Almost everyone likes a good piece of beanies, and the reason is very simple: keeping warm and a stylish look. Beanies have developed from preventing grease and dirt to headwear that people all love, no matter how old they are or what gender they are.

People from different backgrounds have different cultural feelings and values, and they all love beanies. Beanies not only can keep people warm in the cold weather but also can be a fashionable dressing accessory. The advantage of beanies is that they can be paired with all kinds of clothes. Most beanies are made with elastic yarns or elastic fabrics.

Those caps belong to small caps such as skull caps, ski hats, knit caps, stocking caps, toques, and berets. Moreover, they are different small caps with different names, designs, fits, and made with different materials, from different places. Here, let us go through the different beanies in 13 types.


1. Cuffless Beanies

Cuffless beanies are the most common beanies in most stores. Cuffless, which means beanies about 2 inches. In general, the edge of each beanie can reach the forehead. Therefore, cuffless beanies are suitable for common weather because the thickness of the opening is increased, which can keep the head warm.

There are so many beautiful colors of cuffless beanies, such as dark blue, dark brown, and black cuffless beanies. In addition, there are color-contrasting cuffless beanies, such as red and white beanies, red and yellow beanies, or with different patterns. What’s more, some cuffless beanies have embroidered patterns on them.

Cuffless Beanies
Cuffless Beanies

2. Cuffed Beanies

Cuffed beanies are the opposite of cuffless beanies. There is a foldable design on the edge, which can cover the ears and forehead. Therefore, cuffed beanies are the best choice in winter hats among women and men. The basic cuffed beanies are not with any ornament. In general, there are 2 yarns for making the cuffed part: cotton yarns or woolen yarns. However, woolen-cuffed beanies are better than cotton-cuffed beanies.

Usually, the cuffed line is higher than the ears and forehead which is why cuffed beanies can keep the head warm in the winter. When wearing a cuffed beanie, it won’t look like over-wrapping. Cuffed beanies are simple, which means they can match any style of clothing. The below picture is a basic cuffed beanie.

Cuffed beanies
Cuffed beanies

3. Slouch Beanies

Slouch beanies are the only beanies without cuffs and they are a long-style design. Actually, slouchy beanies are worn on the ears and there are some extra fabrics tilting towards the back of ears.

Slouch beanies are the most popular beanies in the 20th century. Without attention, when wearing a slouchy beanie, the wearer might look a little bit comical. It was regarded as a synonym for young people. With time gone by, slouchy beanies have developed as a perfect headwear for fashionistas. Most famous celebrities have worn them before, such as David Beckham and Taylor Swift. This type of beanie can make the wearer look younger or fashionable, and all are up to how to style it with the sense of fashion from the wearer.

Slouch beanies
Slouch beanies

4. High-Top Beanies

If you want to choose a beanie for a loud fashion endorsement, then you can wear a high-top beanie. High-top beanies have a cuffed design on the edge and a high top on the top. Not only can a high-top beanie keep your head warm but also is a cool accessory for heads. What’s more, there are many different ways to wear a high-top beanie, which can make the wearer cool like things in Hollywood movies.

In addition, high-top beanies can make the wearer look taller when wearing a high-top beanie. Make sure that you wear a high-top beanie in a proper way, otherwise, it will fall from your head.

high-top beanie
high-top beanie


5. Fisherman Beanies/Short Beanies

Short beanies, also called fisherman beanies, are close to cuffed beanies but much shorter than them. They are a new trend in beanies among women and men. In the recent period, short beanies have become more and more popular. However, there are still many people who haven’t heard of it. Short beanies are made with fabric with heavy wavy textures. Their crowns are slightly light. From the name “short beanie”, we know that it can cover the head and cannot cover the ears.

short Beanies
short Beanies

6. Earflap Beanies

Beanies with ear covers or muffs are called earflap beanies. The earflaps on the cap can completely cover the ears. In addition, there can be tassels to decorate the earflaps, which can be tied easily under the chin. This kind of beanie is very suitable for youth and kids. There are many colors, styles, and sizes to choose from on the market. Also, they have solid-color and color-contrasting designs, or embroidered logos or patterns. Like most cuffed beanies, earflap beanies are perfect to wear in the winter and cold weather.

earflap beanies
earflap beanies

7. Knot-front Beanies

Knot-front beanies are for women and are the most popular beanies among women. This type of beanie is turban-like with a knot at the front. Therefore, knot-front beanies are a great choice for seasonal styles or a unique fashion endorsement. There are various colors for knot-front beanies, such as black, gray, dark blue, red, pink, or other colors.

However, knot-front beanies are not the perfect ones for skating with your friends. They’re still a good choice on the way to work in a cold morning time. Women’s cool knot-front beanies have different colors, styles, designs, and fabrics. All of which make them the most common accessory in the fashion industry, giving them a bright view in the winter.

Knot-front beanies
Knot-front beanies

8. Pom Pom Beanies

Pom pom beanies made with woolen fabrics, usually have a pompom on the top of the caps. Therefore, they are usually tight and elastic. In addition, the top is usually decorated with a pom pom, a button, or other elements, which can make pom pom beanies more feminine.

In the cold winter, pom pom beanies are very suitable for women, men, and kids to wear. Here, pom pom beanies are knitted with two knitted needles or woolen crochet needles. What’s more, pom pom beanies are lightweight, which is very comfortable to wear all day long. The top pom pom can add a touch of fun-touching.

Pom pom beanies
Pom pom beanies


9. Baseball Beanies

Baseball beanies are similar to baseball caps, and the shape of a baseball beanie is round with a brim at the front. This kind of beanie is suitable for informal occasions when you are too lazy to wash your hair. No matter what situation you are in, baseball beanies always give you a sense of casualness and sports. In addition, on sunny days, baseball beanies are great for running outdoors – leisurely and good-looking beanies that suit women, men, young, or old.

Baseball beanies
Baseball beanies

10. Brimmed or Visor Beanies

Brimmed beanies, also called visor beanies, have a brim at the front. In general, there are many brimmed caps, such as baseball caps, trucker caps, etc. The brim at the front can keep the wearer’s eyes and forehead away from the sun. There are many styles of brimmed beanies and they can protect the face and eyes in the winter.

These brimmed beanies are from different shapes of caps, including earflap beanies or brimmed caps. Brimmed earflap beanies can fully protect the face and cover the ears.

Brimmed beanies
Brimmed beanies

11. Hand Knitted Beanies

The appearance of a hand-knitted beanie is woven by hand, and there are lots of fabrics such as yarns, woolen, or velvet. Hand-knitted beans are usually worn in cold weather. Due to the thickness of the fabrics, hand-knitted beans can provide great insulation. There are many different colors and color-contrasting colors of hand-knitted beans. In general, a hand-knitted beanie has a pompom ball and a logo or patterns.

hand-knitted beanie
hand-knitted beanie

12. Cashmere Beanies

Cashmere beanies have simple and streamlined designs, which are suitable for various fashion styles and occasions. The below cashmere beanie is from Scotland, made with the most premium cashmere.

Note: cashmere is a premium fiber obtained from cashmere goats, Pashmina goats, and some other goat breeds.

Cashmere beanies
Cashmere beanies

13. American Mohair Beanies

American mohair beanies are made with smooth and soft fabrics, which can keep the head warm and add a sense of fashion and attractiveness at the same time. With an American mohair beanie, you can enjoy comfort and warmness, and show your sense of fashion at the same time.

Note: Mohair is a fabric or yarn made from the hair of Angora goats (not to be confused with the Angora rabbit hair from which Angora wool is produced).

American mohair beanies
American mohair beanies

In the End

Finally, beanies are perfect for cold weather. Not only can beanies protect people from cold weather but also can match the dressing style. What’s more, most beanies are suitable for most seasons (spring, autumn, and winter). In addition, beanies are collapsible, which is very convenient to put in the pocket of clothes. If people could wear their perfect beanie, it could be the best compliment for outdoor clothes. Looking for a beanie is very easy and simple and you can enjoy every feeling it evokes in you.

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