5 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Baby’s Winter Hat

5 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Baby’s Winter Hat

When winter arrives, hats are the must-have winter items for babies, because hats can help babies adapt to the change in temperature. So how do you choose the right winter hat for your baby? This is a question. Here we, Aungwinter, a reliable and trustworthy winter hat manufacturer founded in 1998, will introduce you to 5 essential tips when choosing a winter hat for your baby and 4 wearing notes.


The First Tip: Choosing cozy and lightweight hats

Because babies’ heads are sensitive and vulnerable, they can easily get hurt, so babies need a hat that can adapt to temperature changes with a lightweight, breathable, and cozy hat in winter or cold weather.


The Second Tip: Choosing the right size

The hat you choose for your baby should fit your baby’s head, usually, the hat should be 1 to 2 cm larger than your baby’s head and can be a little loose. If the hat is too tight or small, it’s very uncomfortable for your baby and can affect head growth. Also, if the hat is too loose, it’s very easy for it to fall off your baby’s head. So, the hat must be the right size.


how to choosing a winter baby hat

The Third Tip: Choosing bright-colored hats

It’s not just for pretty looks. If your baby wears a colorful winter hat while playing, it can prevent accidents at some point because the color of the hat is outstanding and you can see what is happening to your baby. So, you can take action immediately. What’s more, dark hats can absorb light to keep your baby warmer, and light hats can reflect light to keep your baby cooler.


The Fourth Tip: It’s best to choose hats without brims

If the brim of the hat is too long, then the brim will block your baby’s vision, that’s why it is suggested to choose a hat with a brim that is not more than 5 cm or the front and left and right sides of the baby’s vision must be open. If the hat blocks the baby’s vision, it’s very dangerous when they are walking on the street or doing some activities.


choosing a baby winter hat

The Fifth Tip: Choosing winter hats in simple styles

Please do not choose winter hats with strings or buttons to prevent the baby from accidentally swallowing them or getting caught in them. If the hat can protect the baby’s ears, it is much better because it can protect the baby from the cold in winter.


All the 5 essential tips that are above should be considered carefully when choosing a winter hat for your baby. After you know all of them, it’s better for you to choose a very nice winter hat for your baby.


In addition, after you get the right winter hat for your baby, there are 4 things you should know when putting a hat on your baby’s head.

The First Note of Wearing: It’s not suitable to wear a hat all the time

Whether your baby should wear a hat or not. It’s up to the temperature. For example, if the temperature inside the house is low and there is no heater in the house, or when the outside is quite cold, then, you can put a hat on your baby’s head to keep her or him warm.


Conversely, if the temperature inside the house is reasonable and well-heated, you don’t need to put a hat on your baby. Because babies are energetic and very active, their metabolism is very high. If you put a hat on your baby’s head, then the hat will affect your baby’s heat dissipation, and the baby’s head may also sweat because of excessive heat.


note for wearing a baby wnter hat

When indoors, it’s best to wear a brimless hat, which is very convenient for mommy to nurse and hug the baby. The most important is that it doesn’t block the baby’s vision. However, when outdoors, please put a brimmed hat on your baby’s head, which can protect your baby’s face and eyes from direct sun rays and UV.


The Second Note of Wearing: Please prepare at least 2 hats for your baby

As mentioned above, babies’ metabolism is very high, so they sweat a lot. Therefore, their hats usually need to be washed. That’s why you need to prepare at least 2 hats for your baby, which is very convenient for laundry and different occasions.


baby winter hats

The Third Note of Wearing: Please do not wear others’ hats

Baby’s sebum secretion is abundant, especially scalp oil secretion is particularly high, some small babies suffer from ringworm or skin disease, so, it is very easy to be infected by the hat. So please do not wear other people’s hats for your baby.


The Fourth Note of Wearing: Do not take off the hat suddenly

In general, it’s very cold in winter, and the temperature difference between inside and outside is very large. So, when you come home with your baby, please wait for your baby to adjust to the indoor temperature and slowly take off the hat. Lift the hat a little at a time and then take it off completely, never all at once. It is easy for babies to get cold when it is hot or cold!


In the end, we hope that all babies can have a great time this winter and enjoy it with warm and cozy winter hats.

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