Baseball Caps: Tips and Tricks for Wearing Them Well

Baseball Caps - Tips and Tricks for Wearing Them Well

Since neutral dressing styles are popular, many girls like to choose casual items that are with a little bit of masculine. Baseball caps as one of the mainstreams are popular among people and almost everyone has one of them. What’s more, baseball caps are highly malleable in styling and with strong personal styles. In the coming summer, baseball caps are the must-have items – fashionable & versatile. However, some people still refuse to have one and the reason is that when wearing a baseball cap, it may make the face look bigger.


If your face looks bigger when wearing a baseball cap, then you don’t know the right way to wear a baseball cap. That’s why we, Aungwinter, a custom winter baseball cap manufacturer with 25 years of experience, will introduce the 5 tips to wear a baseball cap and make your face look smaller.


Never hide your collarbone when wearing a baseball cap

No.1: Never hide your collarbone

Believe that many people try to wear a sweatshirt or crew shirt while wearing a baseball cap, such a way is wrong because if your chin is not sharpened enough, then your face will look bigger and rounder. What’s more, after wearing a baseball cap in such a way, the upper body will visually look shorter. So, we should not choose clothes that are higher or cover our collarbone. The safest way is to wear a V-neck or off-the-shoulder outfit to show the collarbone. Please try to expose as much of your collarbone as possible, even half is okay. The basic rule is to choose clothes with a low neckline, which can make the neck look longer and have a slimming effect.


Never tie all your hair up when wearing a baseball cap

No.2: Never tie all your hair up

If you have a large face, you need to pay more attention to this tip. The more hair you pull back, the bigger your face will look. Even if your face shape is pretty good, it still looks bigger visually because of the exposed scale of your face. If you wear a baseball cap, leaving some loose hair at the temples is the right thing to do. If you have bangs, you can show them off with confidence and clip them with straight bobby pins to create an inward curve that helps slim the face shape, even if the wearing of the cap backside is reversed for the same effect.


Never wear a baseball cap since you have limp hair when wearing a baseball cap

No.3: Never wear a baseball cap since you have limp hair

Generally, people wear a baseball cap to cover their dirty hair or when they didn’t wash their hair yesterday. However, in such a situation, one thing to pay attention to is the exposed hair after wearing a baseball cap. If your hair is very close to your scalp, limp hair will make you look spiritless. Therefore, if you want your face to look smaller and decent, you can use hair straighteners or a curler to curl hair to create tousled hair. Then your hair won’t stick to your scalp. Slight curled hair is also a nice choice and it looks like a sense of waking up in the morning naturally. If you are in a hurry, the best way is to tie your hair into a ponytail, which can also make your face look smaller, but please remember that you don’t tie it tightly, otherwise, your scalp will be uncomfortable.


Don’t wear a baseball cap too high and loose

No.4: Don’t wear a baseball cap too high and loose

Usually, wearing a cap high can change the shape of the head, but Asian people have flat and quite thin faces. Therefore, Asian people should not wear a baseball cap too high, otherwise, their faces will look bigger with an unbalanced sense – heavy top and high bottom. The best fit is different for everyone, so find it and adjust it to the shape of your head. Try to wear it as far back as possible, so that the back of the head is worn, and at the same time should not be too loose and should not be too tight, to find a suitable position is good.


Don’t pull down the brim too much when wearing a baseball cap

No.5: Don’t pull down the brim too much

People who have a high forehand like to pull down the brim of a baseball cap too much and even cover their eyebrows, thinking that this will change their face. However, this only makes their face look rounder. The best place is in the middle of the forehead, where people can see the face clearly, and it is better to modify the face.


In the End

After mastering these 5 tips, you can easily create a fashionable look with a slimming face effect and avoid the wrong ways to wear a baseball cap. What’s more, you can try different styles of dressing with a baseball cap. It can not only protect you from the sun’s rays but also keep you warm in cold weather. So, dare to get a baseball cap and discover the ways to wear it. More choices and styles of baseball caps from Aungwinter, and you cannot miss such a great supplier. Try and surprise yourself all the way.

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