Sun-Kissed Style: Embracing the Bucket Hat Obsession

Sun-Kissed Style Embracing the Bucket Hat Obsession

Bucket hats are also known as fisherman hats. Some people say that: I wear top hats, baseball caps, and berets, but I don’t wear a bucket hat because it’s so ugly. But they don’t realize that bucket hats have become fashionable for Internet celebrities, including an important but not obvious reason: bucket hats can cover the big face and make the proportions better – a great tool to make the face look smaller.


Bucket hats

The features of bucket hats are that the brim is narrow and displays a trapezoidal shape, and the crown looks like a bucket. So, compared with a baseball cap that people all have, bucket hats are not picky about face shapes. As for this point, after wearing a bucket hat, you will believe that. Here, Aungwinter, a professional winter custom beanie supplier, founded in 1998 and with over 25 years of experience in hats and clothing manufacturing, will share the below contents about bucket hats for all of you.


Types of Bucket Hats

Round Top Bucket Hat

If you’re warm, sweet, and cute, then a round-top bucket hat suits you.

Round Top Bucket Hat


Flat-top Bucket Hat

Flat-top bucket hats are the most popular in recent seasons, wearing a flat-top bucket hat, you can instantly be a cool and rebellious boy.

Flat-top Bucket Hat


Narrow-brimmed Bucket Hat

Before wearing a narrow-brimmed bucket hat, please check your head size first, and people who have a big face and a big head, don’t fit to wear a narrow-brimmed bucket hat. In addition, people who have strong or fat bodies with small heads are not suited to wear a narrow-brimmed bucket hat, especially the narrow-brimmed and round-top bucket hats. After all, whether it’s a “lollipop” or a “bowling ball bottle,” you don’t want to cosplay one of them.

Narrow-brimmed Bucket Hat


Wide-brimmed Bucket Hat

The width of the brim is larger than the depth of the crown and can cover 1/2 of the face, that’s the reason why wide-brimmed bucket hats are called face-smaller hats. However, please remember that please do not choose wide-brimmed bucket hats made of soft fabrics, because this can make the bucket hat slouchy without a solid shape, and its fashion. Medium hard, cool, and breathable canvas wide-brimmed bucket hats are a very nice choice for the spring and summer.

Wide-brimmed Bucket Hat


The Choices of Colors

For Beginners

As for beginners of bucket hat lovers, the fashionable yet versatile colors are solid colors that are hard to make wrong, especially for the classic black, white, and brown bucket hats. With these 3 colors of bucket hats, you can effortlessly spend the whole year.

solid-colored bucket hats


If you think solid-colored bucket hats are too boring, then you can choose bucket hats with logos or slogans, and these small and funny ornaments will make you look more beautiful in detail.

bucket hats with logos or slogans


Focus on the echo dressing skill between the color of outfits and bucket hats, can improve the whole overall look to the next level.


High-level Bucket Hat Lovers

Printed bucket hats are a double-edged sword, if you can handle it, then the printed bucket hat can be the highlight of the whole look, if not, the whole dressing is full of rustic. Choosing a printed bucket hat that fits your temperament is the key to wearing a printed bucket hat. If you are new to printed patterns, you can start with small printed bucket hats, such as stripes or lattice.

printed bucket hats


Bucket Hat Super Lovers

In recent seasons, more and more Z-generation boys have begun to chase after bucket hats with long-lettered woven straps. These straps are narrow or wide, which can give people a wanton and unrestrained impression, and yet with a sense of black mystery. There are still some colors of bucket hats that it is difficult to handle, then it’s not suggested to try such a bucket hat.

bucket hats with long-lettered woven straps


Styling Ways for Bucket Hats

Styling Way A:

Dark-colored bucket hats + lined coats/windbreakers can show a sense of power.

Recommended star: ★★★★★

Prada has done a great job of exploring how bucket hats can be paired with extremely linear coats or windbreakers to create vintage yet mysterious looks, like the female detective in the American TV series.

Dark-colored bucket hats + lined coats, windbreakers


Styling Way B:

Dark-colored bucket hats + suits = personalization of life

Recommended star: ★★★★


Bucket hats lower the formality of suits, and the combination of both is free and handsome.

Dark-colored bucket hats + suits


Styling Way C:

Light-colored bucket hats + casual suits = relaxing sense

Recommended star: ★★★★★

Light-colored bucket hats + casual suits


Styling Way D:

Colorful bucket hats + all black = sexy

Recommended star: ★★★

It’s very easy to make a mess with colorful bucket hats unless they’re all black. In an all-black outfit, a colorful bucket hat can be the highlight of the whole outfit.

Colorful bucket hats + all black


In the End

Today, the shares end here. We hope that all these can help you with bucket hats, leveling your fashion to the next level.



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