Winter Fashion: The Right Way to Wear Winter Hats

Winter Fashion - The Right Way to Wear Winter Hats

In winter, in addition to wearing to meet our warmth needs, but also need to use some accessories to achieve the effect of warmth, like in this winter, we will wrap ourselves up tightly. This time we also need to go to the use of the hat with the modification, not only warm, but also able to concave a sense of fashion.


Maybe for those girls with smooth and delicate faces, no matter what kind of hat is very good to drive, but for the square face and round face of women, picking a hat need to pay attention to skills too much, otherwise, it will be easy to expose the individual’s face because of the hat.

winter hats


In today’s article let us go together to understand the square-face and round-face girls in the end how to go to choose the right winter hat, see what kind of hat is more suitable for you, and let your taste show.

winter berets

Square Face & Round Face

First, square faces and round faces wear winter hats and must be careful to accidentally show faces big.


As we all know, choosing a hat must be based on the individual’s face and personal temperament, only suitable for their own head circumference, suitable for the personal face with a hat up to be able to modify our features and face, otherwise not suitable hat to wear on the body instead of having a big face effect. (Square face and round face facial features, these two types have to pay attention to the matching hat)

how to wear a beanie in a right way


So we have to familiarize ourselves with the facial features before wearing a hat, most square face girls’ facial contour sense is relatively strong, but the face is not smooth enough, especially the cheekbones or jawline bones will be very prominent


And round face girls have a stronger sense of facial flesh, although the face shape is smooth, the width of the face is also wider, so if you do not wear the right hat, it will look like the face is wide and big.


To be honest, regardless of whether you are a round-face or square-face girl, wearing hats is still not too casual, more can not be taken lightly, don’t look at other people wearing hats look good, just feel free to give yourself a hand, wear in the avatar is likely to step on the thunder.


What Kinds of Hats Are Suitable for Girls with Round Face or Square Face?

Next, we can continue to explore which winter hat is suitable for round-face, square-face girls, wear on the head has the effect of modifying the face.


Second, these winter hats are suitable for square and round faces, recommended to start! (First, get yourself a suitable winter hat.)


winter bucket hats

① Fisherman’s hat

First of all, we recommend that you choose the fisherman’s hat, in fact, a fisherman’s hat wide brim for round-face or square-face girls are very friendly, we also know that a big face or face is not smooth enough girls can not be directly to the personal facial lines exposed, this time only through the fisherman’s hat brim to modification, only to be able to show the face is small Oh.


In the winter popular fisherman hat style is also popular, such as lamb’s wool material fisherman hat, worn on the head of its very small face, while there is a very obvious warm effect.


② Beret

About the beret, we have a certain degree of familiarity, and beret if you want to know its origin can be traced back to the fifteenth century when the brown wool textile design of the round brimless floppy hat in France was born, worn on the head not only to protect from the wind and rain, there is also a certain degree of aesthetics, and with the development of time, the beret has become a must-have tool for people modeling.


The beret has no brim design, but it is worn on the head for our hairline and our face also has a very good modification effect.

winter beret


③ Knit cap

A Knit cap may be this hat we are very familiar with, mainly because of the knitted material made of hats, and knit cap is characterized by its cap will fit our head circumference, so in the selection of this knit cap, we must first measure the personal head circumference, according to the personal head circumference to choose the right size to be able to modify the face shape.


For the big face, big head and round face, square face girls, wear knit caps that are not too small hats, if the hat head circumference is too small, wear it on the head in a sense of full tightness, but will show face.

knit hats


④ Baseball cap

A baseball cap has quite a broad sense and is very strong, it has a duck tongue brim, this brim for our hairline and facial contour modification effect is extremely strong, and the style of the baseball cap looks relatively casual, so it is very suitable for daily wear, this hat for the face type, for the temperament requirements are not particularly high, if you belong to the white, do not know how to wear a hat you can choose this.

baseball cap


Other Elements for How to Wear A Winter Hat Rightly

Third, no matter what face type, wearing these kinds of hats above have to pay attention to these key points


<1> Hair does not all don’t in the ear, cheeks stay broken hair is more modified face type

Wear this kind of fisherman’s hat, we must remember a point is not to put personal hair all don’t behind the ear, many people will think that wearing a hat will look more sharp, more drier, but at the same time this will also inadvertently expose your face, simply invalid to wear a hat.


Want to wear a fisherman’s hat or beret modification face, we can leave some broken hair next to the cheeks when matching, in this case, for our facial lines have a better modification effect, but also through the hair appears to be a smaller face.

how to wear a bucket hat



<2> Berets aren’t worn directly, are biased to one side more modified face shape

Beret style elegant and fashionable, but there is no appropriate way to wear it, will also lead to a reduction in personal charm, then when wearing this beret, we are most likely to step into a minefield is directly to the hat buckle in the head, no adjustment, this will appear to the whole person is very dull and old-fashioned.


Want to further modify the face when wearing the beret, you can put the beret side to side, whether you are the left face good-looking or the right face good-looking, you can slide over to this direction, easy to modify the face, to create three-dimensional features.

how to wear a beret


<3> Knit caps do not cover the eyebrows, it will look proportionally uncoordinated

Hats for our facial proportions will have a certain adjustment effect, we must remember when wearing a knitted cap, do not cover the eyebrows completely, so that wearing on the head will look like the whole face like a briny egg, with completely no sense of line.

how to wear a beanie



The correct way to wear the knitted cap is to leave two fingers distance above our eyebrows, in this case will be better to modify our eyebrows, but also lets the facial features be completely exposed, and more refined, if you are worried about the face being big, just need to leave some broken hair on it.


Finally, we wear a hat where you must measure the head circumference, measure their own face, face width, face length, and then according to your own face to choose the right hat, of course, as previously mentioned these kinds of hats are very popular this year, but we wear when we can not be arbitrary, to master those correct collocation skills only.

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