17 Types of Winter Hats – Aungwinter

17 Types of Winter Hats - Aungwinter

The types of winter hats are various and it’s a funny topic to talk about, especially when winter is coming soon. Winter hats are headwear that can keep you warm. Usually, winter hats are made with wool, cotton, leather, synthetic, and more. As a professional custom winter hat supplier with more than 25 years of experience in making hats and clothing, we will talk about the 17 types of winter hats below to help people choose their winter hats.



1. Beanies

Beanie hats are one of the most common winter hats and are made with knitted fabrics, which are stretchy and give a snug fit for the head to keep warm in the cold winter. There are various colors and patterns of beanies, therefore beanies can match different styles of outfits.



2. Berets

Berets originated in France. There is a flat rounded top and a small and short brim of a beret hat, so berets give people a sense of elegance and romance. Commonly, most berets are made with wool or felt. In addition, there are plenty of colors of berets. Moreover, there are many ornaments to decorate berets, such as flowers, pearls, bowknots, etc.


3.Trapper Hats

3. Trapper Hats

Trapper hats originated in Russia, also known as Ushanka or ushanka hats. A trapper hat has a thick top and two long ear flaps, therefore, trapper hats can protect the wearer from cold and wind. Usually, trapper hats are made with leather, fur, or synthetic fur, which is super warm in winter.  What’s more, there are lots of ornaments for earflaps, such as buckles, straps, pompoms, etc.


4.Duck-Tongue Caps

4. Duck-Tongue Caps

Duck-tongue caps originated in the United States. There is a hard top and straight-forward brim of a duck-tongue cap, so duck-tongue caps give people an impression of sports and casualness. In general, duck-tongue caps are made with cotton or canvas in various colors and patterns. The logos can be decorated with letters, numbers, signs, etc.


5.Woolen Hats

5. Woolen Hats

Woolen hats originated in the United Kingdom. Woolen hats are woven with woolen fabrics, which are certainly thick, so woolen hats can keep the head warm. There are various colors and patterns of woolen hats, which can match different scarves and gloves.


6.Newsboy Caps

6. Newsboy Caps

Newsboy caps originated in the United Kingdom. There are 8 triangles to sew the top and a small, short brim of a newsboy cap, which shows a sense of retro-ness. Usually, newsboy caps are made with tweed or velvet, and there are many colors and patterns of newsboy caps. Moreover, we can use buttons, emblems, feathers, etc., to decorate newsboy caps.


7.Bowler Hats

7. Bowler Hats

A bowler hat has a rounded top and a roll-up brim, which adds a sense of cuteness and loveliness. A bowler hat, also called a Coke hat, billycock, bob hat, bombín (Spanish), or derby (United States). Usually, bowler hats are made with wool or felt, and there are many colors of bowler hats. Also, it can be decorated with lace, bowknots, fur balls, and more.


8.Cowboy Hat

8. Cowboy Hat

Derived from the United States, cowboy hats have a wide top and a down-sloping brim, which can add a sense of braveness and adventure.  In general, cowboy hats are made with leather or denim fabrics, and there are many colors and patterns of cowboy hats. Moreover, it can be decorated with rivets, chains, emblems, etc.


9.Top Hats

9. Top Hats

Originating in the United Kingdom, top hats have a high cylindrical top and a flat brim, which adds a sense of elegance and formalness. A top hat, also known as a high hat, also can be called a topper informally. Usually, top hats are made with velvet or felt and the most common and practical colors for top hats are black or gray. In addition, top hats can be decorated with ribbons, flowers, feathers, etc.


10.Fur Hats

10. Fur Hats

The formal name of a fur hat is shtreimel which is a fur hat. Shteimel is derived from Nordic and made with furs from animals, which has a great effect on keeping warm and resisting the super cold weather. There are various colors and patterns of Shtreimel, so they can pair with different outerwear and boots.


11.Sailor Caps

11. Sailor Caps

Originating in France, sailor caps have a flat rounded top and a roll-up brim, therefore sailor caps give people a sense of freshness and freedom. Sailor hats are usually made from wool or cotton. There are 2 colors for sailor hats – white or blue and can be decorated with anchor shapes, boat shapes, seagull shapes, etc.


12.Hooded Cape Cloak

12. Hooded Cape/Cloak

Derived from the Mid-century, hooded capes/cloaks are made of a long cloth that can cover the head and shoulder. Therefore, hooded capes are mysterious and magical. Usually, hooded capes are crafted from silk or velvet fabrics. There are many colors and patterns of hooded capes. Also, it can be decorated with metal, jewelry, embroidery, etc.


13.Hooded Scarves

13. Hooded Scarves

Hooded scarves are a hat from modern times. Made with a long scarf that can warp the head and neck, hooded scarves can provide a warm and cozy feeling when being worn. What’s more, there are many colors and patterns of hooded scarves and they can easily match different clothes and ornaments.


14.Baseball Caps

14. Baseball Caps

Originating from the United States, baseball caps have a soft top and a protruded brim at the front. Therefore, baseball caps can add a flair of energy and are sunny when being worn. In general, baseball caps are made with cotton or nylon. What’s more, there are many colors and patterns of baseball caps and the logos of baseball caps are the names of brands name, slogans, emblems, etc.


15.Peaked Caps

15. Peaked Caps

The peaked cap, also known as the peaked hat, service cap, barracks cover, or combination cap is a type of headgear commonly worn by the armed forces of numerous nations. Additionally, it is a standard choice for various uniformed civilian organizations like law enforcement agencies and fire departments. Its name originates from the short visor or peak and peaked caps can add a sense of seriousness and majesty. Usually, peaked caps are made with woolen cloth or canvas, and there are 2 colors green or black. Also, can be decorated with emblems, star chapters, eagle shapes, etc.


16.Christmas Hats

16. Christmas Hats

Derived from Western countries, Christmas hats come with a red top and a white fur ball, which can add a sense of peace and happiness. Christmas hats usually are made from velvet or cotton. There are 2 colors of Christmas hats, namely, white or red, which can be combined with different Christmas decorations or gifts.


17.Ski Hats

17. Ski Hats

Descended from Nordic, ski hats have a close-fit top and a back-extending brim. Therefore, ski hats have a sense of adventure and excitement. Usually, ski hats are made of nylon or cotton, and there are many colors and patterns to choose from, which can be combined with different ski outfits and gears.


How to Choose The Right Winter Hat

Selecting an effective winter hat requires considering various aspects to ensure it offers both warmth and style. When looking for insulation properties of winter hats, check for materials like wool, fleece, or down that provide effective warmth.


Make sure the hat adequately covers your ears, as they are particularly susceptible to cold. Make sure the fit is snug but comfortable to maximize warmth retention without discomfort; consider purchasing one with an inner lining as this can further insulate.


Consider your personal style preferences when selecting a winter hat that complements your winter wardrobe. From classic beanies and fedoras to functional trapper hats and trapper caps – finding an accessory with equal parts practicality and fashion can make winter an enjoyable season-long experience!



All the above are the hats for the coming winter. Knowing them can help you to better understand the hat itself and how to choose the right one for you. What’s more, choosing the right hat also can level up your fashion taste to the next level. If you are confused about what hats are suitable for winter and what they are, this blog helps a lot.

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