Baseball Cap Main Production Process And Steps

Baseball caps

Baseball caps are accessories that many friends like to wear. Today, I will talk about the main production process of baseball caps.

hat design

First, design the style and pattern you want on the computer. Draw a template with a printer, cut out the cardboard with a machine, and place the cardboard on the fabric for cutting. Cut the fabric into different hat pieces according to the order requirements, and then punch holes in them to allow for easier ventilation and sweat drainage.

hat worshop

Next is the embroidery part, which is the most important and interesting part. The operating screen is set up with the pattern to be embroidered, and the fabric is fixed with double-sided tape. With the sound of the machine, a beautiful human-shaped pattern appears.


You can choose any pattern you like, such as your own name, your favorite star, or the team you support. Iron the various parts of the hat piece flat and sew them together to form the hat body.

Use hard materials to make the brim, combine the hat body and brim, sew on the straps, and then mark the center of the top with a hat mark, bind on an oval ring, and attach a buckle. The prototype of the hat is born.

Finally, use an iron to flatten and shape the hat, and measure its size to ensure it is qualified.

A stylish baseball cap is ready. Whether it’s a fashionable girl or a star, this artifact is indispensable. It can cover your bald head and make you look more beautiful and younger.

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