Do You Need To Pay A Deposit For Customizing Hats? How Much Is A Suitable Deposit For Customizing Hats?

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I want to find a hat manufacturer to make a batch of hats, but the manufacturer says they need to collect a partial deposit first. Is this normal? How much deposit is appropriate? This is also a question that many customers want to know. Many people are not very clear about whether custom hat manufacturers charge a deposit. This is also based on habit. When buying something, everyone hopes to pay first and deliver first. However, there is a difference between custom hats and in stock hats.

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One type is ready-made goods, while the other requires specialized customization according to customer needs, which involves issues such as what fabrics and styles to use. So spot hats are usually paid in full upon delivery, while customized hats usually receive a deposit first, and the final payment is made when the bulk order is completed and shipped. Generally speaking:



1.For the sake of conservatism, a deposit will be charged for the first cooperation.


In fact, charging a deposit for customized hats has become a well-known unwritten rule in hat procurement, as well as in the clothing and accessories industry. After all, batch customization is not like the conventional wholesale of finished hats that we see. The target audience for wholesale of spot hats is the vast majority of people, and specifically customized hats are only targeted at a certain group of people. Customized hats are not only about choosing styles and colors, As well as logo embroidery and special techniques, they are all specified by the purchasing enterprise. If the purchasing party unilaterally tears up the contract for some reason and no longer needs the products produced by the manufacturer for them, then this batch of hats will become completely scrap. So during the initial cooperation, hat manufacturers, for the sake of conservatism, will charge a deposit.

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2. After confirming that the customer is very reliable, the hat manufacturer can waive the deposit.


Doing business emphasizes honesty, mutual benefit, and win-win outcomes. By comprehensively considering the customer’s information, it can be concluded that no deposit can be charged. For example, if the purchasing party is an old customer who has worked with us for many years before, or if through a reliable relationship, they indirectly find Dongguan Xinjie Clothing Co., Ltd. to customize hats, or if some well-known enterprises have a good reputation and reputation in the industry and even across the country, If it is confirmed that the customer is very reliable, the hat manufacturer may not charge a deposit. However, if the order quantity is large, the cost of fabric accessories and labor is higher. In order to facilitate better cooperation between both parties, a deposit will also be used to ensure better cooperation.

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3. How much is a suitable deposit for customizing hats? How will it be charged?


After the hat sample is completed and the customer is satisfied with the sample, both parties confirm the cooperation. When signing the contract, the customer will first pay a portion of the deposit to the hat manufacturer, which is usually 30% of the total price of the customized hat. Different situations will be treated differently, and the specific details will also depend on mutual negotiation. A deposit can be earned into a company account, financial account, personal account, or in cash. The hat manufacturer shall deliver the goods on time according to the order requirements, and then make up the final payment according to the contract.

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