Hat Magic: Unlock Your Style with These 3 Tips

Hat Magic - Unlock Your Style with These 3 Tips

Hats can change your style and change your face, and they are practical, keeping you warm in the winter and protecting you from the sun in the summer. What’s more, when you rush in the morning without washing your hair, wearing a hat can solve the embarrassing hair on your head. In a word, there are many advantages of hats. In this blog, we – Aungwinter, a reliable custom winter hat manufacturer, will introduce 3 dressing tips on how to master your hats when pairing them. After mastering these 3 tips, you can easily take your fashion level to the next level. So, are you ready?


Pairing hats with outfits in similar color ranges

The First Tip: Pairing hats with outfits in similar color ranges

When pairing a hat with an outfit, please choose the color of the outfit that is similar to the color of the hat, making sure that both colors are similar to each other. The goal is to create an overall look that is distinct from head to toe. For example, if you wear a white hat with a black outfit, the whole look will be very abrupt and uneven. If you change the color of the hat to gray in a black outfit, the whole look is very comfortable and has a strong sense of layering.


Choose different hats for different seasons

The Second Tip: Choose different hats for different seasons

According to different seasons, the colors of hats differ from season to season. Please choose light-colored hats and clothes as much as possible in the summer and spring seasons. Usually, the clothing for spring and summer outfits is less than in other seasons. Therefore, a hat can only be decorative or protect the wearer from the sun. However, a light-colored hat can provide excellent sun protection but also have a great fashion effect, which can make the hat more coordinated with the season. In general, it’s normal and common to wear a beanie or balaclava in the winter, and some people like to wear a trapper hat, which has a great warming effect. Therefore, the color of the hat should be darker because dark hats do not stand out and have a better warming effect than light hats.


Different styles of hats should pair with different outfits for a harmonious look

The Third Tip: Different styles of hats should pair with different outfits for a harmonious look

Top hats + suits or casual suits

If the color of the hat and the outfit complement each other, the overall look won’t look abrupt. Usually, top hats are suitable to be paired with suits, such as dress suits, tuxedos, blazers, etc. Black top hats are fashionable yet versatile, which is simple and smooth. When wearing a black top hat, you can easily create a fashionable and sleek look and a wide-brim top hat can bring a Parisian elegance to the whole look.


Straw hats + long romantic dresses

Straw hats + long romantic dresses

A straw hat combined with a simple long dress can add a plus to the whole look in the hot summer. If paired with a bag that can complement the color of the whole, then the whole color will not be mixed. For example, shirts, denim outfits, sunglasses, and straw hats can create an England look.


Peaked caps + T-shirts or sweatshirts

The combination of a peaked cap and a T-shirt or a sweatshirt is energetic and frank, combined with a pair of canvas shoes. Then, the whole look is quite chic.


Berets + shirts or vests

Berets + shirts or vests

The combination of a beret and a shirt or vest paired with black suits can fully showcase the England style. The shirt is another highlight that can give a sense of college style – fresh, literary, and vintage. Fashionable yet versatile.


Wide-brim hats + jumpsuits or chiffon shirts

Jumpsuits have been hot and trendy in recent years. Wearing a wide-brimmed cowboy hat with a jumpsuit can make the whole look personal. Whether you are hanging out on the street or at a party, this combination can make you the center of attention.


Baseball caps + sports T-shirts or polarized jackets

Baseball caps + sports T-shirts or polarized jackets

The combination of a baseball cap and a shirt in the same color range is quite chic and handsome. Paired with an outdoor polarized jacket can add a shiny characteristic to the whole look, which is very nice.


In the End

We hope that all these 3 tips can help you to master your hats well and enhance your look easily. Hope you enjoy this sharing.



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