Men’s Fashion: How to Choose the Right Hat & The Art of Wearing Hats

Men’s Fashion - How to Choose the Right Hat & The Art of Wearing Hats

Here are some interesting and fun questions: How do men choose the right hat? How do men dress with a hat? What kind of hat should they wear to have a nice look? People have already forgotten why there is a hat, and men have been wearing a hat for several centuries. Since men’s hats came out, hats have become a part of men’s temperament, making them look more fashionable.


Here at Aungwinter, a professional custom beanie hat manufacturer, we answer the questions upper with over 25 years of experience in hat and apparel manufacturing.


How do Men Choose the Right Hat

How do Men Choose the Right Hat?

Long face

People with long faces should wear flatter hats with brims that extend on both sides, which can visually reduce the length of the face. Please note that the brim of the hat cannot be too narrow, and the brim should be wider than the forehead. Such a choice can extend the visual effect horizontally, and long-faced people are very suitable to wear flat-brimmed baseball caps, coachman’s hats, golf caps, etc.


Rectangular face

Men with rectangular faces should wear hats that can soften their facial lines, such as round-top hats, fedoras, or bowler hats. These hats can soften the rectangular lines of the face. In addition, wide-brimmed hats can also add a sense of softness to men with rectangular faces.


Short face

Short faces are quite wide faces. Men with short faces must pay attention to the height of the hat. The brim of the hat must be narrow and the crown must be high and narrow. Please do not choose a baseball cap, and if you choose a visor cap, please choose one with a curved brim and a high visor. When wearing such a cap, you can wear it a little backward and a little to the side.


Round face

Men with round faces can consider hats that can accentuate and strengthen their facial lines, such as pointed top hats. Cowboy hats or peaked top hats can add a sense of facial lines. In addition, arrow-brim hats, such as berets, can add a sense of facial line for men with round faces.

Formal occasions: flat top hats, fedoras, Panama hats

Casual occasions: bucket hats, berets, sailor hats

Best avoided: baseball caps


How Do Men Dress with A Hat

How Do Men Dress with A Hat?

Gray peaked cap + T-shirt/sweatshirt/hoodie in the same color range

The combination in the same color range is preferred by people and such a combination is one of the ways of dressing that all of us can’t give up. Because such a combination can avoid color mix and still look very fashionable.


Couple roll-up sun hat + short sleeve T-shirt

The combination of black and white is the tone that never goes out of fashion. The black and white couple’s roll-up sun hat is full of atmosphere, and when combined, it can show your inner beauty and temperament. What’s more, if it’s the fall season, you can match it with a light-colored denim coat, which looks quite nice.


Solid-colored beanie

Solid-colored beanie + plaid shirt

The combination of a solid color beanie and a short or long-sleeved checkered shirt is confident and simple, which is super stylish. Such a combination is suitable for both men and women, especially for lovers and couples.


Chic trucker cap + wacky T-shirt

When adjustable chic trucker caps are paired with wacky t-shirts, the whole look is pretty chic. Under the set of wacky t-shirts, the whole look is pretty funny and wacky, which can make people happy to laugh.


What Kind of Hat Should Men Wear to Have a Nice Look?

Korean-style flat-top peaked cap

Peaked caps have always been popular. Besides sun protection, peaked caps are self-confident and easy to match. Such a peaked cap has a better effect on modifying men’s heads.


Vintage embroidered baseball cap

Vintage embroidered baseball cap

Embroidery is the popular element this year. The vintage embroidery looks sophisticated and pretty, which is distinctive. When matching, such a baseball cap can add a sense of fashion and trend.



England bowler hat

British bowler hat looks very gentlemanly, simple style plus the classic cap, so that men can easily match the fashionable modeling, comfortable and breathable fabric shading and will not be hot, men wear and do not lose personality!



Bucket hat

Bucket hat

A bucket hat provides a good supply of shade, has a large brim to cut off the sun, the sun protection effect is perfect, and the simple style is classic and popular, plus the design of the color combination adds a sense of fashion, and the design of air holes is also very breathable.




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