Signature Statements: The Core Principles of Men’s Beanie Fashion

Signature Statements - The Core Principles of Men's Beanie Fashion

If you can wear a beanie well, it can add a sense of maturity to your whole look, but if you wear it incorrectly, it can take away from your whole look.


Beanies are not only accessories for cold weather, with the increasing of colors and fabrics, beanies also have become a multi-functional fashion item. As for males, many points need to be paid attention to, how to choose the right beanie for their hats, and how to combine it with the whole outfit. All these need to pay attention to. So, are you ready to dive into the below parts with us – Aungwinter, an experienced winter custom beanie supplier?


How to Wear a Beanie?

The exploring forehead at the front

When wearing a beanie, the front has the most influence on the overall look. In addition, there is no one right answer to how to wear a beanie. However, wearing a beanie is very important. Here we will show you how to show your forehead when wearing a beanie.


The best way to show the forehead is to cover the forehead hairline, as shown in the picture below. If a beanie covers the eyebrow or cannot cover the hairline, the whole look is unbalanced, so it’s suggested to cover the hairline a little bit forward.


How to show off bangs with a beanie

How to show off bangs?

The bang plays an important role when wearing a beanie, and it can affect the first impression you leave on people.


There are 2 conclusions. If you show the bang with a beanie, it can give people a neutral impression, but if you leave it on, you will get a tidy and clean look. It all depends on the shape of your face and the impression you want to make. However, if you are about 20 years old or above, it’s suggested not to leave the bangs out because it can give people a sense of cleanliness. This is the most important point when dressing.



Show the Bangs

In general, bangs give people a sense of femininity and youth, and the casual elements of the whole outfit can stand out more.

beanies with bangs


Without Bangs

Compared to showing bangs, wearing a hat without bangs can give people a cleaner impression. And if you’re wearing glasses or sunglasses, tucking the bangs inside the hat can make the whole look more complementary.



Wear a beanie with the neck exposed

Here is an example of a man with short hair as shown in the picture below. A strand of lapel peeking out of the beanie is chic. Since the beanie is made with highly stretchable fabrics, it won’t be too light or dark if you wear a beanie like this in everyday life, but you should consider the balance for the whole and find the right point to keep the balance.

high-top beanie


How to show the ears when wearing a beanie?

This depends on the design and preference of the hat. But the latest trend is to cover half of your ears when wearing a beanie. Many brands and stores offer deep beanies covering half of the ears.


Leave All Ears Out

Light-colored beanies can leave a clean space for the ears, however, it’s hard to keep balance when compared to covering the ears, and the benefit is to wear a beanie clear and clean.

short cuffed beanie


Covering Half of the Ears

The trend of wearing a beanie now is to cover half of the ears as shown in the picture below, which can easily look fashionable, what’s more, this way can have a better effect on keeping warm. Please note that the covering parts will look heavy, and it’s hard to handle the balance of wearing a beanie without covering the ears.

high-top cuffed beanie


The sewn lines and label position

If the beanie is a seamless design, please check the inside label to distinguish the front and back of the beanie. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your tags facing forward, but the tags may hit your forehead and make you feel uncomfortable.

dark blue beanie


Fabrics for Summer and Winter

In winter, beanies are usually made of fabrics that are great for keeping warm, such as woolen, cashmere, etc. Woolen fabric is the representative fabric of winter because the woolen fabric has a great effect on keeping warm and looking warm, which can make your winter outfit full of energy.


Summer beanies should choose cool fabrics, like linen and cotton. Beanies made of cotton and linen, are practical and look cool and chic.


How to Choose the Right Beanie by Face Shapes?

When choosing and wearing a beanie, the most important thing is to consider your face shape. Have you ever thought that for some reason, you imitated wearing a trendy beanie in a chic way, but still felt something wrong?

Since the degree of exposure of the forehead is a key factor in “how to wear your head to achieve a natural look,” let’s look at how to choose a beanie hat based on the shape of your face.


Round face

short cuffed beanies

If you have a round face, it’s a good idea to wear a cuffed short beanie to increase the amount of exposed skin. Wearing such a beanie covers a little bit of the hairline, which can keep the balance of exposed skin and beanie. Also, you can choose a high-top cuffed beanie that can make your face look longer and more balanced. Even if you have long hair, like medium long, this type of hair is much easier to keep the balance of the whole look.


Long face

If you have a long face, then it’s suggested to choose a long cuffed slouchy beanie. Compared to people who have a round face, people who have a face long wear a long slouch beanie can reduce the exposed skin to soften the length of the face. Wearing such a beanie to cover the eyebrow. If you choose a beanie the ended tails of the beanie can be folded into a rhombus, which will be much better. The pleated parted at the temples of the glasses can create a stereo effect and modify the silhouettes into a rhombus.

orange beanies


Triangular face

If you have a triangular face, then we strongly recommend brimmed beanies that have a shallow brim and the connect part between the brim and crown is near to the hairline. Please note that do not wear the beanie in a shallow way, because if you wear a brimmed beanie in a shallow way then the chin will stand out more. The type of beanie hat that suits you is the type with a brim. If the brim is not too wide it will look balanced. It’s a different type of beanie, but slightly quirky hats (like berets) work well for this style too!

blue brimmed beanie


Square face

If you have a square face, you can wear a visor beanie like round-faced people and wear it in the same way. Such a way of wearing gives people a strong impression of males, so if you want to create a gentle atmosphere, then it’s also recommended to wear low-key tie-up design brimmed beanies.

visor beanies


3 Principles of Dressing a Beanie

Once you know how to wear and choose a beanie, then here is the last one – how to integrate a beanie into the whole outfit. If you can master the rules of styling, then you can make your outfit more fashionable.


Pick the color of the beanie by the color of the outfit

This tip is not limited to beanie hats but is often seen in sophisticated outfits by matching the colors of the items. One technique is to use a bright color as an accent color, but if the goal is a simple and sophisticated look, you can choose to make a match with color. It may be hard to put into words, but it’s a tip that anyone can do.


Black Beanie + Sneakers

The black color combination is suitable for everyone. It is highly recommended for beginners. Due to the gray color of the outfit, then the key point is to match it with a beanie and a pair of sneakers to create the whole look.

Black Beanie + Sneakers


Color echo: the color of beanie matching the color of inner layering

If you think it’s very hard to integrate the color into the outfit, then the skill is to match the color of the beanie to the color of the inner layer. If you want to combine a hat with monochromatic items, you can easily integrate the color of the hat into the whole outfit this way.

Color echo the color of beanie matching the color of inner layering


White beanie + T-shirt + Sneakers

The whole outfit is quite clean with white colors at the top, middle, and bottom outfits, paired with a brown cardigan, which makes everything look perfect and can give people a sense of maturity. In addition, the loose bottom can make the whole look modern and fashionable.

White beanie + T-shirt + Sneakers


Burgundy Beanie + Shirt + Shoes

The burgundy color is hard to integrate into the outfit, however, if this color is used on the head, underwear, or shoes, that would be much easier. Wearing a burgundy beanie can add a sense of the fall season.

Burgundy Beanie + Shirt + Shoes


Indigo Blue Beanie + Coat + Demin Pants

As standard and popular as monochromatic color coordinates are easily blended with denim’s familiar indigo color. If you incorporate it into a winter outfit, as shown in the picture below, you end up with an outfit that is both warm and cool.

Indigo Blue Beanie + Coat + Demin Pants


Turquoise Beanie + Down Jacket + Shirt

According to the color of the down jacket, you can choose the color of the flannel shirt and the beanie as the down jacket to create a unity outlook. The black overshoes are also impressively balanced.

Turquoise Beanie + Down Jacket + Shirt


Olive Beanie + Pants

Olive and beige are popular colors in the fall season and can be paired with monochrome outfits to create a masculine look. Olive is full of the military. But if you choose knitwear or long pants, then you can create a strong sense of urban.

Olive Beanie + Pants


Pair with Sunglasses and Glasses

B Hats can make the face look smooth and clean. Of course, also keeps the original look to get a cool feeling, and there is another way to enhance the sense of fashion – wearing a pair of sunglasses or glasses. So, let’s go into the below to see how to match a beanie with a pair of sunglasses or glasses.


White Beanie + Glasses

The combination of white cap and white knitwear gives people a sense of coolness. Although the color combination is cool, the color surrounding the face is quite dark, and if you are worried about looking unattractive, then wearing a pair of glasses can keep the gentle image and still emphasize the facial impression.

White Beanie + Glasses


Black Beanie + Glasses

The color coordination of glasses, beanies, and shoes is slick. There are many dark colors around the face, therefore, the inner color should choose light-colored outfits, which is the key point to keep the balance of the outlook.

Black Beanie + Glasses


Red Wine Beanie + Glasses

The combination of the trendy red wine beanie and suit shoes is pretty nice and matched with a pretty collar coat can create a clean and fashionable look.

Red Wine Beanie + Glasses


Make elaborate pieces the centerpiece of your outfit

Casual pieces can be neutralized by pairing them with formal suits. This is the basic rule of fashion styling, and beanie styling also follows this rule. Beanies, like other hats, belong to casual pieces, therefore beanies can create a feeling that matches with more mature pieces.


Beanie + Jacket without Collar

Jackets without collars are full of structured sense and can be worn as loose cardigans, which makes them popular in the fashion industry. The bottom jacket is made of leather and is full of masculine sense. Since the upper body is heavy, you can choose loose pants and high-tech sports shoes as the bottom outfit.

Beanie + Jacket without Collar


Beanie + Corduroy Shirt

The combination of a beanie and a corduroy shirt can give a sense of the fall season. Dark green is the most appropriate color for fall and winter, adding sweatpants and sneakers to keep the casual look.

Beanie + Corduroy Shirt


Beanie + Cardigan

A knit cardigan can be worn on vacation or for business and can be paired with a beanie hat in the same material for a warm look. Wear it with a white T-shirt inside and a pair of quality shoes on your feet for a fresh look.

Beanie + Cardigan


Today the shares are finished here, we hope that all these can help you to choose and style your beanie well.




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