The Major Production Process Of A Scarf

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Today, let’s talk about how custom scarves are made!


First, briefly, spinning – (if it’s yarn-dyed, the yarn needs to be dyed first) weaving – (if it has tassels) twisting tassels – dyeing/printing – post-finishing – finished products.

Spinning: First, a large amount of short fibers are polymerized into loose cotton threads, which are then drawn out bit by bit and twisted into dense cotton threads. The cotton threads become longer after being twisted.


Weaving: From cotton picking and spinning to weaving on the loom, there are 72 processes, including ginning, fluffing, spinning, thread-tying, sizing and dyeing, twisting, thread-setting, warping, brushing, healding, beating, shedding, weaving, and unweaving.

However, nowadays a circular loom can handle all of these processes.

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Bead twisting: it is to twist the cloth strips into beads.

Dyeing: dye the color of the fabric according to the desired color.

Printing: The pattern is transferred onto the color base, with the desired pattern attached.

After that, a complete scarf came out.

scarf manufactuer

The above is the general process of making scarves, and Aung Winter has refined it further, so the scarves made are more exquisite and beautiful!

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