What Are The Common Button Classifications When Customizing Hats?

plastic custom hat button

Many types of hats have a hat button structure, but many friends may not be very familiar with the hat button, only knowing that it is a small dot on the top of the hat. Now let’s take you to understand the structure of the hat button.

custom hat buttons

At present, there are generally two types of cap buttons used for customized hats in the market: metal cap buttons and plastic cap buttons:

Metal cap buttons: generally are made of aluminum, consisting of a bowl shaped lid, core, and nails. When customizing a hat, first place the cover and core fabric, and then use nails to fix the entire hat button onto the hat. There are also two types of nails for the hat button: two legs and three legs, which are relatively more secure. In terms of specifications, there used to be 1.3cm and 1.6cm for thin fabrics and 1.6cm for thick fabrics. Now, the 1.3cm specifications are generally used uniformly.

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Plastic cap buttons: Similar to metal cap buttons, they are also composed of three parts: cover, core, and nail. The difference is that the material of the button core is plastic. Plastic cap buttons generally have two types of nails: metal and plastic, but most of them are single legged.

plastic custom hat button

In addition to the commonly used metal and plastic cap buttons on the market, there is also a special type of cap button called a special metal cap button. This type of cap button is usually made of copper, different from the previous two types of cap buttons, with only the button and nail parts. In the process of customizing a hat, there is no need to wrap it, just put it on directly. Nails are usually single legged, and the button surface can be pressed with various logos or light boards.

plastic custom hat button

Customized hat manufacturers who pursue quality will use the same hat button manufacturer to choose the bag button and button mold, because different manufacturers will always produce different hat buttons. If used together, it is likely that the hat buttons will be too loose or too tight and deformed, which greatly affects the quality of the hat and may also damage the mold.

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When selecting a mold, in addition to using the one provided by the corresponding manufacturer, it is also important to pay attention to the thickness of the hat fabric. For fabrics that are not thick, the corresponding specification of the mold should be used.

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