Winter Chic: Elevate Your Style with Middle-Aged Men’s Fashion Tips

Winter Chic - Elevate Your Style with Middle-Aged Men’s Fashion Tips

Age and time may change your appearance and body shape, but never your fashion sense. Just pay a little attention to dressing, then you can complement the whole look and also enhance your temperament.


For middle-aged men, warmth and style can be achieved at the same time, and warm, stylish dressing is the mainstream in winter.



Wearing a hat or scarf can keep you warm and stylish. So, middle-aged men only need to keep in mind these two points that can make them stay warm and look stylish at the same time. Here, we – Aungwinter, a trustworthy custom beanie supplier, will introduce how middle-aged men can keep warm and stylish with these two points.


1. Wearing a hat – windproof and modifying your face

Wearing a hat – windproof and modifying your face

Hats are not only warm and windproof tools for middle-aged men, but they are also great accessories to change your face, head, and hairline. Your choice of hat can have a direct impact on your overall look and define your taste and style. Bucket hats, painter’s hats, and newsboy hats wrap the head very nicely and their styles are casual. What’s more, they are easy to combine and have high compatibility when matching with other outfits.


top hats

Top hats are rare in Chinese men’s clothing; however, it cannot deny its characteristic – fashion. When choosing a top hat, please follow these rules – the brim must be not wider than the shoulders and the top must not be longer than your face. This way, a top hat can better modify your face and vice versa.


In addition, top hats are better matched with formal outfits such as suits, windbreakers, coats, etc. These formal outfits can create a better overall look.


baseball cap

The reduce-aging look, no matter what age you are, is considered when dressing. Even for middle-aged men when choosing a hat. The style of baseball caps is casual and trendy, what’s more, they have a very nice effect on modifying faces. In addition, baseball caps can be combined with formal or casual outfits, which is not naive and old.


2. Wrapping a scarf – warm and stylish

Wrapping a scarf – warm and stylish

As men age, they need to protect their necks as well as their heads. Wearing a scarf is windproof and keeps you warm at the same time. What’s more, it can decorate the whole look and add new content to your fashion.


When choosing a scarf, please choose simple, sleek styles, and the simpler the color combination, the higher the overall look, which has a high compatibility with outfits.


Wrapping a scarf – warm and stylish-2

Wrapping methods for scarves should not be too complex, such as simple knotting, wrapping, or hanging. According to your dressing style and personal preferences, you can choose the most suitable wrapping methods. Please note that do not pile up a thick scarf on your neck, otherwise, your neck will look shorter easily, and your height will be overwhelmed by the piled-up scarf. So, it is necessary to show proper skin when wrapping a scarf.


Wrapping a scarf – warm and stylish-3

The color of the scarf should match the color of the outfit, that is, the color of the scarf should be in the same color range as one of your outfits. This makes it much easier to enhance the layering of the overall look and emphasize the whole of it.


3. Strengthen the cohesion between the hat, scarf, and your outfits

Strengthen the cohesion between the hat, scarf, and your outfits

The plaid jacket is full of a vintage feel, paired with a pair of black casual pants and leather shoes that are simple and stylish. The ornamentation of the top hat and scarf adds to the fashion of the whole look and completes the whole.


Strengthen the cohesion between the hat, scarf, and your outfits-2

The characteristics of the beanie and the puffer jacket are the same, both are warm items. The scarf reinforces the point of keeping warm, and the straight-leg suit pants and leather shoes are a combination of formal and casual. The whole look is not naive and old, reducing the age but not pretentious.


Strengthen the cohesion between the hat, scarf, and your outfits-3

Newsboy caps give people a very literary impression, and the black and white scarf has a strong sense of everything, combined with a sweater, black jeans, leather shoes, glasses, and a canvas bag can lower the age and look stylish at the same time.


In the End

The shares are ended here today and we hope that middle-aged men can enjoy this blog and find their ways to enhance their fashion in winter by wearing a hat or a scarf.



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