Bucket Hat Dressing Skills – Aungwinter

Bucket Hat Dressing Skills - Aungwinter

Bucket hats are popular in all seasons, no matter it’s summer, spring, autumn, or winter, particularly for females. Not only for creating a stylish outlook but also for changing dress styles. What’s more, wearing a bucket hat can protect your face from sun rays and prevent UV rays.

white bucket hat

Recently, people have fallen in love with bucket hats and bucket hats are one of the classic hats, that are suitable for most groups. The whole look of bucket hats is relatively simple, what’s more, no matter whether women or men can try it.

bucket hats

However, when most people wear bucket hats, it’s common to see them on the streets. Then, there are some gaps between different people, sophisticated and ugly, rustic and classy. People are confused about why they wear bucket hats and look like middle-aged aunts with a sense of oldness. It’s probably related to the dressing combination. If you want to change such a feeling, then you can try the below 3 dressing tips from Aungwinter, a reliable and professional custom winter hat supplier. If you are an ordinary girl, you can dress like a celebrity with a feeling of godness.

dark blue bucket hat

1. Color Matching

The common fabrics for bucket hats are canvas fabrics and canvas bucket hats have a soft touch feeling. Moreover, wearing a canvas bucket hat can add a sense of literature and art to the whole look. Therefore, canvas bucket hats are suitable for soft and casual looks. Therefore, for a more handsome, energetic, more atmospheric feeling, a fisherman’s hat is more difficult to concave model out.

bucket hats-01

According to the features of bucket hats, if you want to create a look with a sense of godness, then the color matching is important. When considering color matching, you can dress in the same color series outfits and skirts as the bucket hat you choose, the same for shoes.

beige bucket hat

Once the colors complement each other, the whole look will be exquisite and has a sense of godness – a high-fashion temperament. Then, if you are an ordinary girl dressed in ordinary outfits, wearing the right bucket hat can improve your look and temperament.

bucket hat with sunglasses

2. Utilizing Sunglasses

When wearing a bucket hat, we can utilize one pair of sunglasses to reduce the sense of a rustic middle-aged aunt.

bucket hat-02

Sunglasses are born with a sense of godness and they are suitable for creating different stylish outlooks. For those girls who are not pretty enough, bucket hat + sunglasses can better level up their fashion and taste. With the help of sunglasses, even we wear ordinary outfits, and the whole look will with a sense of mystery and high fashion.

What’s more, wearing sunglasses can protect our face from the sun avoid UV rays harm, and reduce sun hurt.

Basic Bucket Hats

3. Basic Bucket Hats

No matter what kinds of hats with a fancy sense, they will always look old-fashioned, fisherman’s hat is also the same. Wear a fisherman’s hat, you also choose flowers, and print design, which will not only bring a strong sense of mess only strange, but also more likely to let you look old-fashioned, like a big mom.

blank and basic bucket hat

Therefore, it’s essential to choose blank and basic bucket hats. Namely, there is no color-contrasting and too many patterns. If you want to choose a bucket hat with a sense of design, then a simple logo or alphabet will be a great choice. Once bucket hats are fancy, they will just obviously help you pull yourself down and look low and old-fashioned.

basic blank bucket hats

What’s more, basic blank bucket hats can better improve your look and they are not picky about your dressing and outfits.

The above 3 tips from Aungwinter to help you to level up your look with bucket hats. No matter trendy or classic bucket hats, you can dress in the right way to elevate your temperament.

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