One for All Dressing Skills: Wearing One Beanie Easily Nails All Styles 

One for All Dressing Skills - Wearing One Beanie Easily Nails All Styles

Most people know and are familiar with beanie hats. Beanies are the must-have accessories in fall and winter, and they are also one of the warmest hats. What’s more, beanies are not picky about face shapes and beanies have a face-shaping effect. Here today, Aungwinter, a professional custom beanie maker founded in 1998, will introduce the below part to all of you.



If you want to know the history of beanies, then we need to talk about the history of hats first.


The Originality of Beanie

The Originality of Beanie

It’s hard to pinpoint the birth of the beanie, however, the knitted craft was a funny beginning. First, knitted craft evolved from weaving. The earliest known humans used the original woven way to make fishnets or bird nets through reeds and animal hair. In the early days, knitted outfits originated on small islands where fishing was the way of life, such as Guernsey, Aran, Fair Isle, etc. The tightly woven cashmere sweaters can effectively protect the wearer from chilly cold sea wind and wet seawater. These weaving winter sweaters had similar skills to weaving fishnets, therefore, it can be said that knitted outfits were born in the hands of fishermen.



With the development of agriculture, cotton yarns have become the main raw materials for knitted products. Cotton yarns have a strong effect on keeping warm, and the price is relatively cheap to promote widely. The knitted products that we see today are made of cotton yarns, including knitted beanies.



Beanies have evolved to the point where they are not only popular among the people, but also have their place in the fashion industry and fashion shows. More and more people use them as dressing accessories to create a sense of styling. What’s more, beanies also can modify the head shape and face shape, with these advantages, that’s why beanies are so popular among people.



Although beanies are simple and plain, they are full of fashion sense. Not only keeps warm but is also easy to style. Moreover, they are fashionable and versatile.



Dark-colored beanies can show the texture of styling for the whole.



Stylish and versatile beanies are suitable for various face shapes. Slightly exposing a small part of the forehead can modify the face shape and also have a slimming effect on the face.



If you think plain color beanies are too simple, then you can choose colorful beanies that are eye-catching and can make the whole look personalized and chic.


Beanie Combinations

Beanie + Short Jackets

Beanie + Short Jackets

Who would have thought that smooth and calm short jackets could be combined with literary beanies? Combining hard and smooth short jackets with soft and cute beanies is a new trend in mixed matching. No matter what colors or combinations are, wearing a beanie can neutralize the style, then everyone can be a cute girl.


Beanie + Short Jackets-02

The purple jacket paired with a foggy pleated skirt can show the contrast between high-quality materials, making the whole look super high fashion. The yellow beanie hat adds a new energy to the whole look.


beanie styling

Please dare to use color contrasts to add a sense of detail to the overall look. Just a yellow beanie can make you stand out in the crown with ordinary styling.


Beanie + Sweaters

Styling with outfits in the same materials never goes wrong. If you cannot find a coat to match your beanie, try pairing your beanie with a sweater.

Beanie + Sweaters


Coarse knit sweater paired with the same style beanie – coarse knitted beanie. The bloating won’t show a sense of coarseness. On the contrary, if you are slim enough, the overall look will be petite. Pair it with 9-point straight-leg pants and boots for a stylish and modern look!


Beanie + Coats

Beanie + Coats

Coats are the essential outfits for winter. Styling a quiet coat with a beanie is literary and the style is simple with highlighting spots. Combining a coat with a beanie, you get the quintessence.


Beanie + Fur Coats

Beanie + Fur Coats

Usually, fur coats give people the impression of bloated and upper-class women. So, pretty girls or women cannot wear a fur coat? That’s not true, a beanie can balance the bloated feeling of the upper body and it’s also age-reducing.


So, what are you still waiting for? Come and get your beanie at Aungwinter to slay this winter and keep warm at the same time.



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