2023 Women’s Acrylic Warm Beanie&Scarf&Glove Winter 3PCS Set


This 2023 Women’s Acrylic Warm Beanie, Scarf, and Glove Winter 3PCS Set was specifically created to offer warmth, style, and comfort during winter season.

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Product Name
2023 Women’s Acrylic Warm Beanie&Scarf&Glove Winter 3PCS Set
100% Acrylic
Head Size
Baby Size:52-54cm、54-56cm、Abult Size:56-58cm、Customize.
Black、White、Beige、Camel、Red、Pink、Blue….Customized Pantong Coror
Embroidery、embroidery ptch 、 leather label、 woven label and printing…
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5-7 Days
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Based on order quantity. Normally 5-20 days.
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A 2023 women’s acrylic warm beanie, scarf and glove winter 3-piece set from 2023 Women is designed to keep you warm and cozy during those cold months of winter. Here are its features:

1. Acrylic Material: The set is composed of acrylic fibers that are known for their softness and excellent insulation properties, offering warmth and comfort throughout winter accessories.

2. Beanie: The beanie in this set is designed to cover your head and ears for optimal warmth and protection from the cold, often boasting ribbed or stretchy construction for optimal comfort and fit. Made of acrylic material that effectively traps heat for effective insulation even in chillier temperatures.

3. Scarf: This scarf set offers an acrylic material scarf long enough to wrap several times around your neck for extra warmth and coverage, providing extra insulation against cold air temperatures while helping retain body heat. You can style or drape it according to your preferred look or drape it to meet any fashion need. Its soft surface also helps maintain body warmth more efficiently.

4. Gloves: This set’s gloves are specifically designed to keep your hands warm and protected from cold air entering, with flexible acrylic material providing flexibility and dexterity so you can perform tasks while wearing them. They feature snug-fitting ribbed or stretchy cuffs to provide snug protection.

5. Coordinated Set: This 3-piece set offers an attractive and coordinated appearance with its beanie, scarf and gloves matching in color and design – adding an element of fashion while remaining warm this winter season! This coordinated ensemble can keep you toasty warm while looking stylish too.

6. Versatility: With its acrylic material and timeless design, this set is suitable for a range of winter activities and occasions. From work to running errands or outdoor pursuits such as hiking and skiing – this set provides warmth without compromising style!

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