4 Types of Sweaters for Stylish & Fashionable Yet Versatile Looks

4 Types of Sweaters for Stylish & Fashionable Yet Versatile Looks

In the winter wardrobe, coats are the most important outfits. However, besides coats, we cannot ignore the warm and stylish outfits – sweaters. Thick and soft sweaters can keep us warmer. Although sweaters are not as warm as coats or down jackets, wearing a sweater can make people feel extra warm. What’s more, there are various styles of sweaters, which can create different styles. Here, today, Aungwinter will share 4 types of sweaters for people, which are fashionable yet versatile, improving your temperament easily. With over 25 years of experience in hats and clothing manufacturing, Aungwinter, a manufacturer of custom winter sweaters founded in 1998, is reliable and professional.



1.       Bright-Colored Sweaters

The first is brightly colored sweaters. It’s rather dry and boring in winter; if your clothing style is flat and boring, you’ll lack spirit and vitality. Although basic-colored sweaters are classic, fashionable yet versatile, and worth a second look, these sweaters are short on vitality. On the whole, the advantages of brightly colored sweaters outweigh their disadvantages. Bright colors can break up the dullness of winter and allow for more creative styling, making the whole look more attractive. Like the Chinese celebrity below, the camel sweater looks quite nice on her. Camel color – a soft and subtle color can complement the skin color and make her look whiter, which is super temperament.

Bright-Colored Sweaters


It seems that it’s hard to match with a bright-colored sweater. Classic, fashionable yet versatile dressing pieces like jeans and black pants can create a very nice look with a bright-colored sweater. So, when you don’t how to pair a bright-colored sweater, one pair of jeans or black pants is a great choice – simple & fresh. Like the dressing style below, the combination of a fruit green sweater and a pair of dark blue jeans can display a perfect proportion of a short upper body and long bottom, which look taller. What’s more petite girls dressing in such a style can look 5 centimeters taller. But women who have pear-shaped bodies should choose a sweater that can cover the hipline and the bottom outfit should be loose.

Bright-Colored Sweaters-02


2.       Patchwork Sweaters

The second is patchwork sweaters. Besides being fashionable yet versatile, there are no other advantages of simple sweaters, then the way to get more attention is styling. But if the sweater is with a sense of design, then we must pay attention to the choice of style. Patchwork sweaters are a good choice for tailoring spots to enhance the attractiveness of the whole look. The patchwork design can be color contrasting, fabric patchwork, or style patchwork, which is super impactful visually. The woman below is dressed in a patchwork sweater that combines twisted elements with fine stitching and color-contrasting, and all are the bright spots of the whole outfit.

Patchwork Sweaters


The more elements in the patchwork, the more designable the sweater is, and at the same time it’s hard to handle. Overwhelming elements can blur the key of the sweater and increase the burden of dressing. However, the style must be chosen carefully. All these are a challenge to the personal ability of fashion and style. But if you can handle both well, the sense of fashion and attractiveness can be doubled. Like the woman below, she wears a patchwork sweater that is very designable. The loose style fits different body shapes, and the patchwork design on the shoulders is between fabric and color, which is a bright spot. What’s more, the combination of the earth color and the basic color is high fashion.

Patchwork Sweaters-02


3.       Striped Sweaters

The third one is striped sweaters that are classic and casual. The striped element is simple, casual, yet classic. Striped sweaters are a little bit hard to handle and distinctive style in sweaters. Although vertical stripes look a little bit slim, most stripes adopt horizontal designs. Please note that the width between stripes cannot be too wide, then it won’t look fat. Supermodel – Liu Wen, wears a black and white striped sweater in horizontal stripes. The unique crochet design adds a sense of sophistication. The simplest match is with a pair of jeans, which are fresh, confident, yet age-reducing.

Striped Sweaters


If you want to choose wide striped sweaters, then it’s suggested to choose a color combination like the picture below. Utilizing the bright color-contrasting to visually weaken the bloat of the wide stripes and transfer people’s attention. The upper outfit is already attractive, so the bottom outfit should choose simple designs, which can avoid the feeling of complexity. The below dressing is worth learning, the colorful and wide striped sweater paired with a pair of stylish tight denim pants. The hem of the sweater is stuck into the denim pants and the full-length denim pants can enhance the body proportion, which can make her taller.


4.       Nordic Sweaters

The last one is Nordic sweaters that are vintage and age-reducing. Nordic sweaters are popular among fashionistas because of their unique and sophisticated printed design, which is elegant, sweet, and age-reducing. You can see them in various street photography and fashion shows. If you are afraid that you cannot handle the fashion sense, then you can choose the basic style in Nordic styles. For example, in the picture below, Liu Wen is wearing a piece of black Nordic sweater, which is very easy to combine with other outfits. The partial ethnic patterns and the lamb leg sleeves can add a sense of sophistication, paired with a high-waisted straight-leg skirt that looks elegant and charming – full of a strong sense of femininity.

Nordic Sweaters


If you want to wear a Nordic sweater with an anti-aging effect, you need to pay attention to the color combination. First of all, choose fresh light colors or energetic bright colors, then the printed patterns should not be too fancy to maintain a sense of orderliness and convex the Nordic features. When styling, you can choose the bottom outfit in the same style as the upper outfit or close to the upper style, to reduce the dissonance. The woman in the picture below gives a great example for us.  The green and beige-white colors are the main colors in Nordic sweaters that are full of freshness, matching with an orange printing skirt that is more attractive and brighter.

Nordic Sweaters-02


In the End

In a word, you don’t need to buy so many sweaters. If you have these 4 styles of sweaters, then that’s enough – fashionable yet versatile. The design of sweaters has gradually innovated and there are various styles to choose from. However, real fashionable yet versatile sweaters are rare. All we mentioned above have their features and it’s not so hard to handle. In general, they fit all occasions. If you don’t know what sweater you should buy, please consider the above 4 styles we shared, making dressing much easier and more effective.

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