Being One in the Fashion Trend with Fisherman Hats

Being One in the Fashion Trend with Fisherman Hats

fisherman hats, also called bucket hats

When we talk about fisherman hats, also called bucket hats, people are familiar with them, made of heavy cotton fabrics (denim or polyester), with a narrow brim and a deep crown. When street fashion was popular, everyone had their baseball caps. However, the trend has turned to fisherman hats, nowadays fisherman hats are popular on all streets and they are one of the fashion items.


The prevalence of street fashion is indeed to make many street’s single items rapid heating, which is not lacking in the category of fisherman hats. However, before becoming one of the most popular hats, fisherman hats have a long history and evolution over time.


History of Fisherman Hats

History of Fisherman Hats

As the saying goes, the rise of a trend is closely related to its history and culture. Fisherman hats originated from the Irish and were a tool for fishermen and farmers to protect themselves from the rain. Gradually, fisherman hats became a favorite of the upper class in the United Kingdom due to their foldable and portable features. When hiking, hunting, or fishing, they all liked to wear or carry with them fisherman hats.


Fisherman Hats for Rappers-01

Fisherman Hats for Rappers

Fisherman Hats for Rappers

In the 1960s and 1970s, fisherman hats became a popular accessory for men. At that time, the modern movement was at its peak, and fisherman hats went from being a practical tool to a fashionable accessory. In addition, the style of fisherman hats was not limited to the traditional style made of cotton or tweet, changing to the use of felt or hard fabrics to make fisherman hats, which gained their trend for more than 10 years. In the 1980s, fisherman hats were introduced to the hip-hop circle, then they became the fashionable headwear among most hip-hop rappers. On the Soap Factory Show in 1970 from The United States, Big Bank Hank from Sugar Hill Gang sang the song – Rapper’s Delight, after that, fisherman hats blew up among rappers.


Downhill of Fisherman Hats

Downhill of Fisherman Hats

After that, fisherman hats began their downhill for a long period and people started to forget them. As a result, woolen hats, berets, baseball caps, etc. became the mainstream products and fisherman hats vanished without traces. Miuccia Prada tried to revitalize fisherman hats at the Prada Spring-Summer show in 2005, and she designed fisherman hats with a longer crown and sewn the ornaments at the sewing part to make them more fashionable. However, it didn’t work and fisherman hats have yet to come back into fashion.


Rihanna wore a pink fisherman hat

The Comeback of Fisherman Hats

10 years later, the fisherman hat started a trend when Rihanna wore a pink fisherman hat to the launch of her friend – Melissa Forde.

bucket hat on the show-01

bucket hat on the show-02

The spring and summer collection at the Matthew Adams Dolan 2018 show started with a fisherman hat, and there are fisherman hats at the Chanel shows.


In the later years, many young powers are spurting out, and that’s why many brands are switching to street fashion. However, fashion derives from recalling and rethinking, and many famous brands adhere to this theory, including Gucci, Givenchy, Dior, etc. So, as you can see, fisherman hats on their official websites contribute to the trend of fisherman hats.


Louis Vuitton bucket hats

Louis Vuitton applied a completely new aspect to look at normal fisherman hats and they continued to launch more fisherman hats in the early men’s outfit in 2021.

bucket hats-01

bucket hats-02

Fisherman hats in the Fendi Spring Summer 2020 outfits have evolved by changing their materials and appeared in the Spring Summer 2021 show.

the Dior 2021 Spring Collection

For the Dior 2021 Spring Collection, Kim Jones combined the Dior OBLIQUE printed with fisherman hats.

Gucci 2021 Early Spring collection.

There are lots of fisherman hats in the Gucci 2021 Early Spring collection.


Loewe Paula’s Ibiza

The Loewe Paula’s Ibiza is the best collection to vat fisherman hats, not only voted the original shape of fisherman hats but added ocean elements to make fisherman hats fame follow merit.

The Trend of Fisherman Hat

The Trend of Fisherman Hat

The hot trend of fisherman hats can be seen in men’s street photography in recent years. As the most sensitive fashionistas who are very sensitive to the fashion trend, we can see the hottest dressing styles and items in their outfits. What’s more, various fisherman hats are the most exposed items of all.

bucket hats for celebrities

Then, being close to the entertainment circle now, fisherman hats have discovered a new usage – invisible by celebrities. Because the brim of a fisherman hat can hide the eyes, even half of the face, then celebrities can wear a fisherman hat to be “invisible” when they do not wear makeup or in the crowd.


Whether in the entertainment circle or fashion industry, fisherman hats play an important role in styling and dressing, and they are no less than any street items. What’s more, fisherman hats are not limited to the original shape, there are many styles and features of fisherman hats, being one of the hottest topics in the fashion industry. Not only provides sun and rain protection but is also a symbol of some styles. The evolution of the fisherman’s hat has seen a qualitative change in the number of supporters in various fields, while designers have made the fisherman’s hat a fashionable item that is both fashionable and practical. Now you do not have to rush to plan for their checkroom to add a top of the fashionable fisherman’s hat.

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