Bucket List Elegance: Chic & Vintage Styling Tips for Trendsetting Hats

Styling Bucket Hats for Chic & Vintage Looks

For girls or women who propose sophisticated looks, besides the coordination of colors and styles of the outfits, the whole look needs to be the same, it needs something to decorate the whole look, such as a bag or a hat. Today, we – Aungwinter, a professional custom winter fisherman hat maker, will introduce the below contents for all to refer to this winter.

plush winter bucket hats


Why Are Bucket Hats Must-Have Accessories?

There must be a hat in every girl’s and woman’s wardrobe because different styles of hats can create different looks and keep you warm in the fall and winter. There are many types of hats, and the trendy hats in 2023 – bucket hats are very nice looking and essential for styling. Not only vintage yet stylish, but also makes the face look small.

black bucket hats


Bucket hats are fashionable yet versatile hats that go with all outfits and make the face look smaller. When paired with youthful outfits, the whole look is more age-reducing. Therefore, for beginners or sophisticated girls, bucket hats are the best choice for them.

printed yellow bucket hat


Even many people believe that bucket hats are great choices when girls or women don’t wear makeup, but still can show a sense of sophistication in detail and display unstoppable charm. However, the dressing skills of bucket hats are important, otherwise, the whole look cannot show a sense of sophistication.


Sorted Materials of Bucket Hats

1.        Canvas

Canvas bucket hats

Canvas bucket hats are the most common and can be worn all year round because the canvas is quite transparent, so it’s very comfortable to wear.


The malleability of canvas bucket hats is very strong because the pattern can be solid colored or printed. The colors of printed canvas bucket hats increase and then in the matching process, there is a sense of fashion, therefore, many celebrities love to wear a printed canvas bucket hat.

printed canvas bucket hat


It’s easy to create a sense of high fashion when dressing – avant-garde, confident yet fashionable. Of course, in addition to the high-fashion sense, canvas bucket hats are suitable for students, combined with some youthful outfits, the whole look is super young and energetic.


leather bucket hats

2.        Leather

The feature of leather bucket hats is with strong luster, but there is a reflective effect. So, most leather bucket hats are very handsome and highlight the spots of the whole outfit. Providing rain and wind protection at the same time can also make the whole look more stylish and temperamental. What’s more, it’s easy to handle when dressing and can also be matched with neutral suits or leather coats.


Plush bucket hats

3.        Plush

Plush bucket hats are very suitable for the autumn and winter seasons, and they are comfortable and warm. There are various colors of plush bucket hats to choose from. Instantly, pink and blue colors with a sense of freshness. When dressing, we can adopt the same color range to style a pink or blue plush bucket hat, which can enhance the fashion sense of the bucket hat. What’s more, the plush fabric is born with a sense of cuteness, which can add a sense of girlishness.


How to Pick a Bucket Hat?

warm winter bucket hats

1.        Face Shape

Many people think that they are not suitable to wear bucket hats, however, the problem is the face shape. There are different styles of bucket hats, so, the first thing is to know our facial shapes, then it’s much easier to choose a bucket hat. There is one thing that needs to be clear – when wearing a bucket hat, the narrower the brim, the wider the face. So, this is one thing that needs to be avoided.


Long Face

For example, long-faced people should choose a bucket hat with the brim as low as possible. And from the width and depth of the bucket hat, it’s best not to choose too high and deep bucket hats. The color of bucket hats should be light colors, which can shorten the length of the face to create a high-fashioned face.


pink plush bucket hats

Rectangular Face

The facial lines of rectangular faces are very strong, so rectangular-faced people can try some rounded hats. Or hats are made with soft fabrics, such as canvas or plush fabrics, which can complement the facial lines. In such a way, the craggy of the face will be weakened, which has a great shaping effect.


Round Face

The facial lines of round faces are plump, so round-faced people can choose quite square hats, which can complement the facial line and enhance the craggy of the face, thus, the whole look can be more handsome and stereo.


crochet dark pink bucket hat

2.        Complexion

When picking a bucket hat, it also needs to be chosen according to personal complexion. Generally speaking, yellow complexion and black complexion should choose dark-colored bucket hats, which will have a better effect on styling. In addition, white complexion should opt for bright-colored bucket hats which can look much more fashionable.


For most Asian people, the skin colors are yellow or black complexion, therefore, when choosing a bucket hat, they should choose dark-colored bucket hats, otherwise, it leads to the result that the whole skin color will look darker.


The Standard Dressing for Bucket Hats

white bucket hats

1.        Casual Look

Nowadays, many girls and women love casual styles and like to wear sweatshirts and hoodies. Except for hoodies, crew sweatshirts are very suitable for creating casual and stylish looks, and the whole look will be much more relaxed and lazier. If we can use a bucket hat to decorate the whole look, the casual and lazy sense will be much stronger. Such a casual and fashionable style is very attractive for fashionistas to display a sense of fashion in a cozy way.


The khaki sweatshirt + a pair of white pants complement the whole look, then choosing a white bucket hat to echo the color combination, then the whole look more relaxed. The echo of color is the key point of the whole look, so the color combination is important.


suit + bucket hat

2.        High-Fashion Look

Suits are one of the outfits that have a strong neutral style. However, mature suits and casual bucket hats are a perfect combination, and please do not dress the suit with a blouse, otherwise, the whole look will be full of professionalism. So, mix matching is a great choice, matching a sweatshirt or a T-shirt will have a strong sense of casualness and high fashion. Ended up with a pair of straight-leg pants, the whole look is high-fashion and makes the legs look longer.


In the End

In daily dressing, we need to pay attention to details. Thus, choosing a suitable hat can add a big plus for the whole look and will look much more stylish.




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