Choosing the Perfect Baseball Cap: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the Perfect Baseball Cap - A Comprehensive Guide

Baseball caps are derived from the game – a baseball game that is very popular in the United States. In the game, most of the defenders have to wear a baseball cap, so their fans also wear the caps that represent the team they love. After baseball caps became popular, they can not only be worn by players and fans. There are different styles and brands of baseball caps that are trendy worldwide.


When choosing a baseball cap, we can choose according to our face shape and height. In general, tall people are better to wear a plus-size baseball cap, which makes them look more balanced. People who have sharpened faces wear a baseball cap, which makes them look unbalanced in face proportion, which means they are not suitable to wear a baseball cap. So, we – Aungwinter, a reliable custom hat wholesale supplier, will introduce the baseball cap history and how to choose a baseball cap for everyone. Are you ready to go through the funny journey with us now?


The Origin of Baseball Caps

The Origin of Baseball Caps

As we know, baseball caps are derived from baseball games, the feature of baseball games is to hit the ball. Therefore, the baseball game is a collective, confrontational ball sports program, and it’s more widely practiced and influential internationally, and has been described as “a combination of athleticism and intelligence”. The baseball game is viral in the United States and Japan and is considered the national ball of both countries. Due to the international influence of baseball, baseball caps have become popular with the development of baseball.


However, according to the research of related experts in the United States, baseball caps were derived from cricket in the United Kingdom, also called rounder. In 1839, Doubleday, an American, created the first game very similar to the modern baseball game. In the game, players wore baseball caps to block the sunlight. Because of the special purpose, the brim of the baseball caps was quite long to protect the players from the sunlight and get a better score. This was the earliest baseball cap in history.


The History of Baseball Caps

The History of Baseball Caps

In the beginning, baseball caps weren’t recognized in everyday life and were considered sports hats for baseball players. In 1839, the first baseball game was played in the town of Gulpasia, New York. In 1860, professional baseball players appeared in the United States, and the National Professional Organization of Baseball Players was formed in the United States. The organization was renamed the United States Baseball Confederation in 1876.


In 1881, there was another national professional organization founded, the National MLB Association in the later. In 1884 there was a baseball game between both organizations – “the World Baseball Championship”. After that, in 1910, the American president – Willian Howard Taft approved the baseball game as the national ball in the United States. That’s why baseball caps gradually became popular in various baseball teams and players wore a baseball cap to block the sunlight at the beginning. As time goes by, no matter whether it’s sunny or rainy, once there’s a baseball game, players wear a baseball cap all the time.


The History of Baseball Cap

Baseball was introduced to Japan from the United States in 1873, and the Japanese professional baseball team was established in 1934. Baseball caps were also introduced in Japan. After the Second World War, the game of baseball spread to many European countries. As a result, the game of baseball has developed in 5 states worldwide and more than 100 countries. Therefore, baseball caps are recognized worldwide, but as sports caps only for baseball players. People didn’t take baseball caps as a must-have in everyday life and baseball caps were the decorative symbol of baseball players.


Entering in China

Baseball caps came to China along with baseball games. The earliest record of the Chinese playing baseball was by Zhan Tianyou or Tien-Yow Jeme. Jeme organized a Chinese baseball team while studying at Yale University from 1877 to 1881. After that, more and more overseas students from Japan and the United States returned to China and brought baseball games to China. In 1895, Beijing Huiwen Shuyuan (Chinese Literary School) formed a baseball team. In 1907, the baseball game between Beijing Huiwen Shuyuan and Tongzhou Concordia College was the first baseball game in China.


Until 1979, Chinese baseball players gradually wore baseball caps – the symbol of baseball games. After that, baseball caps have become a very deep part of Chinese daily life. Everyone has the right to wear a baseball cap. Ordinary people could wear a baseball cap, but as time goes by and the development of baseball caps, there are various types of baseball caps.


How to Pick Up a Baseball Cap

How to Pick Up a Baseball Cap?

Baseball caps have different functions, such as sun protection, decoration, warmth, and various protections. Because of these different functions, it’s choosy when you choose a baseball cap.


Face shape

There are 3 main face shapes: diamond face, round face, and pointed face.

Diamond face: For those who have a diamond-shaped face, there is no limit when it comes to choosing a baseball cap.

Round face: When round-faced people wear a round-topped hat, the face looks larger and the hat looks small, which is unbalanced. However, if you wear a wide-brimmed hat, the whole look is instantly lifted.

Pointed face: People who have a pointed face are not suitable to wear a peaked cap, otherwise the face will look big at the top and small at the bottom, which looks slimmer in an unhealthy state. It’s better to opt for round hats.


Body shape

Tall people should not wear a small baseball cap and they should opt for a large baseball cap, otherwise, the whole look will be unbalanced – light top and heavy bottom. Conversely, tall women should not wear a tall baseball cap, otherwise the whole look will be tall and long. Petite women should not wear flat-top, wide-brimmed baseball caps or they will look shorter.


The Functions of Baseball Caps

The Functions of Baseball Caps

Sun protection

Baseball players in the game due to the field and time problems will be right on the sun affecting the line of sight, so the baseball cap plays a role in shading the sun which was the original function of baseball caps.

Binding hair

Baseball caps can restrain the athlete’s hair to avoid errors caused by long hair covering during the game to get a better score or win the game.

Warmth preservation

For baseball players in the winter or colder seasons, baseball caps can play a role in ensuring the warmth of the head, which can provide a better chance for players to play the game.


Baseball caps can be used to prevent small objects from falling into the hair, such as baseball games to prevent sand, which can avoid the accident rate while playing baseball.


With the development of baseball caps, the above 4 items as the most basic functional characteristics of baseball caps have been unable to meet the needs of modern people, baseball caps are becoming more and more fashionable and can be used as decorative items in all aspects


In the end

We hope this article can help you better understand the history of baseball caps and how to choose a baseball cap. If you still don’t have any idea, please go to the local stores to try some, then you can buy it online or just buy it at the store if you think the price is ok for you. Or you can go to our website at the amazing baseball caps, there are more choices to choose from. Hope you enjoy this journey.

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