12 Different Ways to Wrap Scarves – Aungwinter 

12 Different Ways to Wrap Scarves – Aungwinter

Winter is coming and scarves are the must-have items when going out and keeping warm. Then, here is a question – how many ways do you know how to tie scarves? If you haven’t yet, that’s not a problem, because today, Aungwinter – a specialized supplier of custom winter scarves founded in 1998, will introduce you to various ways of tying scarves with some storage ways. Please dive into the world and explore the ways to tie and store scarves, and keep warm and fashionable with your scarves this winter.


1.Triangle Tie

1. Triangle Tie

Fold the scarf into a triangle, place the tip of the triangle diagonally on the chest, then pull the sides of the scarf from the front around the back of the neck and tie, tie, and then place the remaining two corners on the chest. Korean pretty girls or handsome boys love the triangle tie of a scarf, which can give an avant-garde feeling with a strong personality.


2.Korean Shawl Scarf Tying

2. Korean Shawl Scarf Tying

This type of tying way, also known as the Chinese letter 8 tie, is the simplest of the scarf ties. First, separate the scarf from the center by crossing the two sides and attaching it to the back, then cross it at the back to come to the chest, and then cross it from the chest to the shoulders. The 8-shape tie is great for fashionable and feminine women and girly girls.


3.Korean Single-Layer Tying

3. Korean Single-Layer Tying

Fold the scarf to the proper width and hang it at the front of the neck, then cross the two sides at the back and wrap it around the front of the chest. In this way, an ordinary scarf can give a new sense to the whole combination. Another benefit of tying the scarf in this way is that it makes the scarf look like a heap at the neck, so when you wear a coat, please fold up the collar and tie the scarf outside the collar. Then the whole look won’t look bloated.


4.Korean Beggar's Mix Wrap

4. Korean Beggar’s Mix Wrap

First of all, Korean Beggar’s Mix Wrap is super personalized and the reason why it’s called Beggar’s Wrap is because this wrap has a shabby effect. Please don’t be confused about what it finally shows, it’s quite complicated. The wrapping method is quite simple and easy. Hang the scarf around your neck from the front, cross the scarf at the back of your neck, then wrap it around your chest. Pull it out of a small hole on the right side, and tie the left side to the back, the same as the left side. This kind of wrapping is great for casual outfits.


5. Single-Layer Cross Knot Wrap

The ordinary style of scarf styling will give you a refreshing feeling in the overall matching effect. This type of scarf will make your neck look a little puffy, so when you wear it with a coat, raise the collar and tie the scarf on the outside so it doesn’t look bulky.


6.8-Shaped Wrap


6. 8-Shaped Wrap

The 8-shaped wrap is quite simple, as shown in the picture above. Tie a simple flat knot and then hang it around the neck like a number 8, which looks complicated visually. What’s more, the rich folds left after wrapping will give people a deep impression and add a highlight to the whole look.


7.Shawl-Style Wrap

7. Shawl-Style Wrap

The shawl-style wrap is wrapped around the shoulder, as shown in the picture above, which is quite simple and practical. The feature of shawl-style wrap is practical and keeps you warm. In addition, it’s easy to pair with a coat in the same color range which looks fashionable and elegant. The wrapping way of shawl-style wrap is quite easy, even if the scarf is thick.


8.Double-Layer Wrap( Knot at the Back of the Neck)

8. Double-Layer Wrap( Knot at the Back of the Neck)

The double-layered wrap of scarf ties is natural, smooth, and fashionable, because the wrapped knot is at the back of the neck, so the back looks beautiful and charming. The combination with delicate outfits is quite complementary.


9.Double Loop Knot Wrap

9. Double Loop Knot Wrap

This method of tying will involve both ends of the scarf hanging in front, so it is best to use the two ends of the special design so the effect will be more prominent, modeling with a wide range. But pink knitwear with a white scarf, the tone soft, gives people a fresh and beautiful feeling!


10. Double-Layer Side Knot Wrap

10.  Double-Layer Side Knot Wrap

The double-layered side knot wrap is great for casual outfits as well as formal wear. The feature of this wrap is that it’s delicate and easy to mix and match with other outfits. When paired with formal suits, the double-layered side knot wrap can add a sense of cuteness to the whole look, which can neutralize the seriousness of the suits.


11. Sailor's Knot Wrap

11.  Sailor’s Knot Wrap

A basic way to tie a square scarf is that can also be worn with a coat. Pair it with a tight, thin sweater to keep out the cold and be the focal point of the whole ensemble for a pretty, cute look. Be careful not to wear the bow tie below your chest.


12. Single Knot Wrap

12.  Single Knot Wrap

The feature of single knot wrap is that it can show a sense of fluffiness at the front and also can give people an energetic, positive, and enthusiastic impression. Single knot wrap paired with a multi-colored tweed-like scarf with a rough feel, which can better decorate the whole look. Please remember that do not tie too tight or too loose, tie the scarf properly to give you the best comfort when wearing a scarf.


The Ways of Storing Scarves

The Ways of Storing Scarves

  1. The use of hanging suit pants hanger, the silk scarf folded into a state that can be used immediately hung up, and fixed with clips, access is very convenient. You can also hang the scarf on a hanger and secure it with a clothespin. Use a thick paper clip between the clothespin and the silk scarf, the clothespin will not leave any marks on the silk scarf.


  1. Can choose thick cardboard paper to make a small organizer box with a width of about 30 cm. Then fold the scarves to 1/4 of their original size to store in the small organizer box.


  1. Fold the scarves to 1/4 of their original size and place them in a multi-pocket binder. For storage, simply lay the binder flat so it won’t crease and is easy to see at a glance.


Anyway, those 12 ways of wrapping a scarf can meet most dressing needs matter casual or formal. Hope this blog you out of how to wrap a scarf and gives you more choices of how to wrap a scarf. More versatile styles in dressing when wearing a scarf



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