Are You Choosing the Right Color Scarves for Your Skin Tone and Body Shape?

Are You Choosing the Right Color Scarves for Your Skin Tone and Body Shape

Here, we are talking about how to choose the right color scarves for your complexion and body shape. If you don’t know yet, you can go with us – Aungwinter, an experienced custom winter scarf manufacturer in China, founded in 1998 with more than 25 years of experience in custom winter scarf manufacturing. Are you ready for the exciting discussion below? Please go with us now.


scarf for Yellowish Complexion


Complexion/Skin Tone

1.  Yellowish Complexion/Skin Tone

Matching principles: People with a yellowish complexion/skin tone, should wear light yellow, pink, medium gray, light gray-blue, or other light-colored scarves. They should not choose and wear scarves in dark red, dark purple, yellow, dark green, etc.


scarf for Black Complexion


2. Black Complexion/Skin Tone

Matching principles: As for black complexion/skin tone, it’s not recommended to choose dark red, dark gray, dark, or other dark-colored scarves. However, people with a black complexion/skin tone can choose scarves in light gray, lake blue, rose red, etc.

scarves for black complexion-01

scarf for White Complexion


3. White Complexion/Skin Color

Matching principles: White complexion/skin tone people have a wide range of choices when choosing the color of scarves. For example, dark gray, dark red, or other dark-colored scarves can enhance the white complexion/skin tone to the next level; light yellow, pink, or other light-colored scarves can show gentleness.

scarves for white skin tone


scarf for Medium Body Shape


Body Shape

Medium Body Shape

If people are of medium body shape with a white complexion and a long neck, then they can wear bright and colorful scarves, like peach red, lake blue, bright yellow, and rose red scarves. As for the pattern of scarves can choose large lattices, loose dots, or abstract blocks because these patterns can make you young, wise, and slick.

scarf for Plump Body Shape


Plump Body Shape

People who have plump body shapes with short necks should pay attention to wearing a scarf. When wearing a sweater without a neckline, it’s suitable to pair with a scarf in a soft color tone with floral patterns. When wearing a turtleneck sweater, please do not match a rectangular scarf, you should wear a long yarn scarf that can hang down to the front chest. In addition, the scarf should not be too bright and should be low-purity purple, deep ruby blue, dark green, brown, and more.

scarf for Slim Body Shape


Slim Body Shape

People with slender bodies can choose energetic colors such as orange, lemon-orange, and fruit green to stand out from the crowd.

scarf for slim body shape -02


Round Face

Round-faced people can choose pinstriped or floral scarves and avoid choosing large floral and large lattice scarves. The color can be dark green, dark blue, black, brown, dark purple, etc.

scarf for round face


However, when choosing a scarf, you can follow the above principles to choose one that is the most suitable for you to stay warm and stylish this winter. The right scarf can accentuate your entire look. If you don’t what kind of scarf to choose, please go to the winter scarf of Aungwinter, there are lots of choices to choose from. In addition, you can also choose from Amazon, Walmart, Esty, or other local stores.

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