4 Types of Baseball Caps, Which is Your Favor Ones?

4 Types of Baseball Caps, Which is Your Favor Ones

Baseball caps are year-round accessories, not just for summer. Baseball caps can protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and can also cover dirty hair when you don’t want to wash your hair and want to go out. What’s more, it’s very easy to create a fashionable and outstanding look with a baseball cap, so it’s a great choice to have a baseball cap. Here, we – Aungwinter, a highly reputable custom winter hat supplier, will introduce 4 kinds of baseball caps for you to choose from this winter, even all year round.

baseball cap


History of Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are derived from baseball games in the United States as a clothing accessory. Because the players on the defensive side wear baseball caps, fans of sports teams wear baseball caps to show their support for their favorite teams. Over time, baseball caps became popular in this way. After that, many brands launch different types of baseball caps, in such a way that the type of baseball caps are enriched.

History of Baseball Caps


With the enrichment of baseball cap types. If we need to sort baseball cap types, then baseball caps can be sorted by 4 aspects, crown, brim, patterns, and other ornaments. These 4 elements cross each other and do not exist separately. However, according to different wearing styles, suitable scenes, and styling ways, the selection points are different when choosing a baseball cap.


Hard or Soft Crown baseball cap

Crown: Hard or Soft

When choosing a baseball cap, the crown is important and it needs to be chosen by your style and outfits. In general, petite people are suitable to wear a baseball cap with a hard crown. Verse visa, tall people are suitable to wear a baseball cap with a soft crown, like the all-black baseball cap in the picture above. In addition, a baseball cap with a hard crown is more stylish and cooler than a baseball cap with a soft crown, but the disadvantage is that it can make the head look bigger, so people who have a big head shouldn’t choose a baseball cap with a hard crown, like the flower-brimmed baseball cap in the picture above.


Flat or Curved brim baseball cap

Brim: Flat or Curved

There are 2 types of brims for a baseball cap, a curved brim or a flat brim. Typically, a curved-brim baseball cap has a better effect on the shape of the face and is worn on the front. Because of the flat brim, a flat-brim baseball cap is worn on the back rather than a curved-brim baseball cap because the curved brim can pinch the neck when worn on the back. Of course, both types of baseball caps can be worn on the front. The position of a baseball cap when worn properly is usually about 3-5 cm between the center of the eyebrow and the hairline. However, celebrities usually don’t follow this rule for the sake of styling.


Solid-Colored or with Patterns baseball caps

Pattern: Solid-Colored or with Patterns

Solid-colored baseball caps are quite essential, fashionable, and versatile. What’s more, solid-colored baseball caps also include two-tone styles. When choosing a solid-colored baseball cap, you only need to choose the color that can set off your complexion. In general, there is a logo on a solid-colored baseball cap, which is simple, confident, and very classic.


There are 2 types of patterned baseball caps, embroidered or printed, and printed baseball caps include letter printed and pattern printed. If you choose a complex pattern baseball cap, it’s suggested to choose simple outfits to avoid looking messy.

Printed baseball caps


Other Ornaments

Nowadays, there are many new decorations to add to a baseball cap, such as metal rings, rivets, etc. Different embellishments can bring different styles to baseball caps. For example, rivet baseball caps look pretty cool, and rhinestone baseball caps are quite high fashion.

baseball caps with Other Ornaments


After knowing these 4 types of baseball caps, we believe that you will have a better idea when choosing a baseball cap for winter, even all year round.

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