How Can We Wash Beanies without Deformation?

How Can We Wash Beanies and Knitted Hats without Deformation

Beanies are a must-have in winter to keep warm. Not only can beanies keep you warm from cold but also beanies are essential accessories in winter dressing, unless you don’t like to wear a beanie in winter. Here, we – Aungwinter, a professional custom winter hat maker in China, with more than 25 years of experience in hats and garment manufacturing, will introduce the right way to wash your beanies in the right way without deformation.



In general, beanies get dirty after being worn for a long time and are washed in the wrong way, then, beanies start having problems, like deforming, shrinking, fading, etc. Therefore, these beanies become obsolete, which is quite a pity.


So that’s why we post this blog, we hope people can avoid the problem and the wrong washing ways for a beanie. We hope this blog can help you wash your beanie correctly and prolong its value in maximum.


Washing Principle


First, we need to clarify the washing principle, which is to wash less. Twice in winter is enough, and please do not wash a beanie hat frequently. Even if you want to wash more, please wash by hand to control the strength, otherwise, it’s very easy to damage the fiber of the beanie, leading to deformation.



At the same time, we need to know the fabric of a hat. If a hat is made of cotton or synthetic fabric, then we can wash it normally without too much attention. However, if the beanie is made of cashmere or wool, we need to be much more careful when washing it. Also, if you don’t know how to wash a cashmere or wool beanie, it’s best to send it to a laundry. If you wash it by hand, please buy the special detergent.


Washing Steps


During the washing process, we have to be patient enough, otherwise we will ruin the beanie caps.


Step 1: Slapping the beanie


There is a lot of hidden dust and hair in a beanie. If you never slap it, you won’t know how dirty it is. So to avoid the second pollution during washing, please slap the beanie hat before washing to remove the dust and hair. If you have a dust remover, you can add a thin layer of yarn cloth to the beanie and absorb the dust and hair of the beanie with the dust remover.


beanie ornaments

In addition, please remove any decorations on the hats, such as small brooches or other pin decorations. Because the fiber becomes heavy when it absorbs water, which can easily make the hole bigger, it will cause deformation over and over again. What’s more, it’s very easy to get hurt when the decorative brooches on the beanie.


Step 2: Soaking in water

beanie washing

Then, before washing, it’s best to soak the beanie in 30℃/86℉water, and we can add mild salt or vinegar to the water (choose one to add is enough). Please do not add too much salt or vinegar, the aim of adding one of them is to protect the luster of the beanie.


washing beanies

After that, we can add some neutral detergent to soak the hat for 15 minutes. After the dirt and fibers are softened, then we can start washing the beanie hat.


Step 3: Scrubbing the beanie

Scrubbing the beanie

The most forbidden thing is to scrub the beanie too hard, same for the water, please use mild water or regular temperature water to wash the beanie. Do not use too hot water to soak the beanie, otherwise it may cause deformation.



As for the dirty parts, such as the top sewn part, we can use a soft toothbrush to brush gently, then rinse with clean water until all the bubbles are gone.


Step 4: Drying

After washing, the safest way to squeeze the water out of the beanie is to squeeze it and wrap a dry towel around the outside of the beanie to squeeze the water out of the beanie. Please do not wring it out and try to avoid shaking it out as this can easily deform the beanie.


dry beanies

There are two ways to dry the beanie. One is to dry it on a drying hanging net like the upper and the other one is to flatten it to dry by stuffing old cloth inside the beanie, then the inner part can be dried as well.



Either way,avoid sun exposure and place the hat in a dry, well-ventilated place to dry.


How to Recover from a Deformation?

If your beanie deforms, then how can it recover from deformation? The best way is to send it to the laundry store or get a new one. The price of the former is not cheap and the beanie can recover quite well. Then, is there any way that costs no money? The answer is yes. Please go through the below part which is very practical.



First, we can sock the beanie into the water from 40℃ to 50℃/104℉ to 12℉ for about 20 minutes. Allow excess moisture to evaporate before placing in cool water at room temperature to set and repeat the above drying method with some probability of recovery.


stream beanies

If the beanie is still not recovered yet, then we can use streaming iron, and this is the last way that we can use to save the beanie. Place the streaming iron on the top of the beanie about 2 cm higher than the beanie, then let the stream soften the fiber, then pull, stretch, and press the deformed parts by hand, repeat several times until the beanie is recovered well.


If these two methods do not bring the beanie back to good condition, we can consider sending it to a laundry or purchasing a new beanie.


Daily Storage

After all, beanies are merchandise and it’s a very small part of our lives. So, if you think the care and washing is too complicated, just do what you want, and the worst thing you can do is get a new beanie.



However, in preserving the time of storage, may have to pay attention to avoid the two extremes! Both should be placed in a dry place to avoid humidity, too humid air will make the wool beanie hat moldy; at the same time avoid exposure to the sun, a long time will also make the wool appear faded deformation and other problems.


beanie storage

Finally, when storing, please remember to stack or lay flat, do not hang, as it is easy to deform; there is a special hat storage grid, this thing is not expensive and can be used to hang in the closet, for the hat to do the best protection.


In the end, we hope this blog can help you wash your beanie and keep its value best. Of course, if you are getting rid of caring and washing a beanie. You can just get a new one. Here at Aungwinter, there are many different warm winter beanies to choose from.

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