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8 Types Of Hats and How to Wear A Hat - Aungwinter

Know all the types and ways of wearing hats in this new post from your online clothing store. Hats have always been seen as symbols of distinction, class, and modernity – today they still exude personality and elegance when worn correctly. Are you curious to find out more? Read further below!


8 Types of Hats

Discover the different kinds of hats, their development over time, and how best to wear them. There are numerous types of hats worn by both men and women today, but we will focus on eight popular models here.


short-brimmed or Trilby Hat

① Short-brimmed or Trilby Hat

This style was initially created for men to add a seductive edge to their clothing; but, today women also wear this accessory to give their appearance an almost masculine touch.


Trilby hats are extremely fashionable. Wear one in any season – be it hot or cold – to protect your head from sun or frostbite. Choose your preferred material and pair it with any outfit to complete the look.


Cotton felt (for winter use), and straw are all suitable materials to create summer hammocks.


This style bears similarities to the Borsalino, except that its brim is short and slightly dropped at the front, giving an illusion that its front brim is slightly longer.


② Player’s Hat

It is similar to the Trilby in many respects, yet differs in that the entire brim is tilted up instead of forward.


Ideal for casual evening attire or strolling, the fedora makes for a very casual yet relaxed look. Due to its appearance, most often worn backward on the back of your head.


PorkPie Hat

③ PorkPie Hat

This unique-sounding hat pays tribute to English cuisine’s popular pork pie dish with its flat crown and small, minimal elevation brims all around.


Hats made of felt or straw have long been worn by Italian young middle-class people, beginning around 1550-1600 AD. Since that time, this style of headgear has held an interesting place in its history.


It was in the 1960s that it became popular among young American fans of gangster culture. They wore suits with hats among which the Porkpie stood out.


With even more between different social classes.


Today we see actors like Jude Law, Johnny Depp, Tom Waits, and Kate Moss wearing this hat.


Fedora, Bogart or Borsalino

④ Fedora, Bogart or Borsalino

This very feminine hat called fedora, also known as Borsalino or Bogart in honor of its creator Giuseppe Borsalino, is the most famous creation of this hat born in Italy.


the expansion of this aspect of “tough guy” by areas such as the UK, the pork pie became known

The fedora is a hat that you can wear both in summer and autumn. In addition, it suits you with the bohemian, urban, and hippie styles. Although knowing how to combine it would look good with any look.


Whether you’re wearing a printed dress with a full-length skirt, shorts and t-shirt, jeans, skirt, or cardigan, this hat will look great.


Travel Hat

⑤ Travel Hat

The travel hat was created exclusively for those who enjoy the adventure. Also called traveler or safari, it is a creation originating in Australia.


Basically, it is a Borsalino hat, only that the edge of the rear and front wing are slightly dropped in order to protect the face and back of the neck from the sun.


Wear this hat when hiking, hiking, or hiking.


Bell Hat,Bowler Hat

⑥ Bell Hat/Bowler Hat

The bell hat or bowler hat was first created in 1920 to meet female demand for more flirtatious clothing. Since its debut, it has become an icon of London culture at the turn of the last century.


Wear it for an unconventional yet bold look by pairing it with formal attire to complete the look.


Pamela or Beach Hat

⑦ Pamela or Beach Hat

Women often keep one or more Pamela beach hats as staples in their closets. Their wide brim often has flexibility for creating waves; with its round form giving added support.


An ideal outfit for wearing during the summer season. Depending on its material and finish, you could wear this to either the beach or formal daytime events.



⑧ Cloche

The Cloche is an iconic style from the second decade of the 20th century designed specifically for women. Typically bell-shaped with a round top and short, drooping brims. Worn from the crown of the head down it can complete an outfit perfect for winter weather by pairing it with boots from Mou Boot Company.


Hat Etiquette

While fashion has come a long way over time, some accessories still retain specific rules regarding their usage – specifically hats. Knowing when and how to wear one properly is crucial in order to avoid being out of place or being uncomfortable.


Hats are an integral component of daytime attire and, with certain designs and finishes suitable for formal evening events such as tailcoats. men may wear theirs during formal events. Aside from bell hats, men can wear the appropriate style on any given day depending on its design and finish; otherwise, they will go unnoticed by onlookers.


Women should keep their hats on, even upon arriving at the reception venue, until it is appropriate for a wedding dance or other gatherings to do so.


Men should remove their hats upon arriving at an event or specific moments such as processions, parades, church services, and salutation ceremonies. Following these rules for wearing hats adds elegance and education.


How to Choose a Hat

A hat is more than a simple accessory; therefore you must know how to choose and combine it correctly. Here are some basic guidelines for finding one that complements your style.


1. Get the right size

Take time to select a hat that perfectly fits you. Though many might take it for granted, hats come in all different sizes; take the time to select one that will complement your body.


Every outfit requires the perfect accessories. But no matter the color scheme of your clothing, finding something suitable to wear to an interview may prove challenging. That is why having multiple styles and varieties of hats in stock is ideal; black, gray, navy blue, beige, and white should form the core palette before expanding upon it with other hues, prints, headdresses, or finishes as necessary.


2. Wear a hat that matches your height

Put on a hat that fits your height. Your hat should be proportionate with your own, which means for shorter people it should also be small. A reliable way of measuring this size would be ensuring the brim doesn’t exceed shoulder width unless you want to draw attention to yourself!


Tall people, particularly women, do not look great wearing small hats.


If you have a thick build, an appropriate hat for you would be one with medium or small brims and high brims to ensure you look stylish.


How to Wear A Hat?

For optimal hat wear, the ideal way to style your hair when donning it is to secure it underneath. Braids or ponytails work great here, depending on the model; loose hair may look good too! For instance, fedoras look fantastic both ways – either loosely styled or with one side having braided sections of locks tied back.


A hat can be worn either parallel to the ground – that is, straight – sideways, or backward depending on its model and your face shape.


As with other aspects of head and face care, selecting accessories suited for our features can be key – including selecting hats. To do so effectively.


Round Face

Round Face

If you have a round face, medium-brimmed hats with elongated shapes would work best; those that feature an extremely circular structure should be avoided.


Hats with round shapes and high crowns will look best on those with an elongated or triangular-shaped face, while large-brimmed hats with subtle flops will complete your ensemble.


Square Face

Square Face

People with square faces should wear hats with round shapes and medium brims; asymmetrical models would look even better on them.


Triangle Face

Triangle Face

People with inverted triangle features will look great in hats with medium brims and crowns that dip slightly. Wear it straight so as to simulate the width of their forehead.


type opf hat

In the End

Understanding different types of hats and how to wear them will enable us to create striking and very original outfits. No matter the occasion, you will always be able to wear something suitable. Don’t own one yet? Visit our store – Aungwiter and select the ones you like most from our selection!

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