How to Choose and Match a Large Scarf in Winter?

How to Choose and Match a Large Scarf in Winter

Whenever we go out in winter or cold weather, we can’t help but wrap ourselves up in clothes. Therefore, comfort and warmth are the most important things in winter or cold weather. Then, scarves are great accessories to keep warm in winter, which is essential in winter. Not only can they protect us from chilly wind and cold, but they can also enhance the whole look. This year, big scarves are in trend, and under the wrapping of these big scarves, you are in the warmth of the covers. Here, we – Aungwinter, a professional custom winter knit scarf manufacturer from China, will introduce how to choose and match a large scarf in winter. Are you ready to join us on this funny journey?

Why Big Scarves are in Trend


Why Big Scarves are in Trend?

Super warm with a strong atmosphere

Unlike previous years, this year’s scarves are bigger and prettier and quite warm. Their styles are trendier than before while wrapping them around your shoulders at will is full of atmosphere. The whole look is super stylish and fancy, especially if you wear a coat and match it with a big scarf. Also, this can be shown in a lattice, such as a large lattice scarf is more generous and grade-avante, and small scarves are a bit cramped.

large scarves-01


Supper trendy as a shawl

The sense of the presence of large scarves is quite strong, and they are suitable for decorating clothes in winter. For example, when we dress in basic style outfits, wearing a colorful or basic style big scarf looks quite nice. It’s suggested to women to wear a big scarf when they feel their outfit is stuffed in the crowd. A simple big scarf can keep you warm and fashionable.

large scarves-02


Due to the strong presence of large scarves, here is another advantage of large scarves, they can optimize the shoulder proportion. When a large scarf is wrapped around the shoulders at will, it can enhance the heaviness of the neck to make the face look smaller. However, such a way of dressing is not suitable for women or girls who have a short neck.

large scarves-03


How to Pick a Large Scarf?

Suggested length and width

Length: 1.8 – 2meters/70.87 – 78.74 inches

Width: ≤ 45cm/17.72 inches


Although the larger scarves the more fashionable they are, this type of scarf is suitable for photography. If you want a large scarf to be more practical, then you need to decide what you want and what you don’t want, namely that you need to abundant some features of large scarves. In general, lengths from 1.8 to 2 meters (70.87 – 78.74 inches) are quite suitable for you if you consider the practicality. Such a large scarf can be wrapped in one circle or two circles, which is not too short or too long. Moreover, petite girls or women can handle such a large scarf.

large scarves-04


The width between 25 – 45 cm (9.84 – 17.72 inches) is quite nice. But you need to consider the length of the scarf. If the length of the scarf is quite long, then the width of the scarf is not too wide. Otherwise, the scarf will be too thick and the whole thing will look like piles.


In addition, the width of the scarf can be decided by your height. If you are a petite girl, then please choose a narrow width, which will be much better.

large scarves-05



Solid-colored large scarves are fashionable yet versatile.

Colorful lattice large scarves are more stylish.


If you want to dress to stand out the sense of atmosphere, then, these two scarves are pretty choices – a solid-colored scarf or a colorful lattice scarf. Solid colors like blue, red, or slight yellow and pink. The former solid colors like blue and red are much easier to handle and full of a sense of atmosphere. The later solid colors like light yellow or pink are more eye-catching. The second type of large scarf is a colorful lattice scarf and it’s full of a strong sense of autumn and winter atmosphere. Especially for pairing it with solid-colored clothes, which is very stylish. Therefore, it’s suggested girls who want to dress in such a style to choose a colorful lattice large scarf.

large scarves-06


Materials & fabrics

Mohair is trendy in scarves this year because of its stylish feel. However, mohair has one major drawback – it’s very easy to lose hair. If you’re looking for a more classic style, look to cashmere or knits. Both are very warm and fashionable.

large scarves-07


How to Style a Large Scarf More Stylish?

When dressing in black, white, or gray, please choose a colorful large scarf

Solid-colored larges scarves

There must be white and black clothes in many girls’ winter wardrobes, if it’s not nearly as interesting to wear them separately, then this is the time when large scarves are important. If you are dressing in all black, then you can choose a solid color large scarf that can enhance the color sense of the whole look. If you are dressing in earth tones that are not friendly to the skin, then you can choose a large beige scarf that can have a great transition effect.

large scarves-08


In addition, if you are dressing in outfits with a strong sense of design, you can choose plain scarves as much as possible. That way, the whole look won’t be too fancy. As for the colors that are hard to handle, it’s suggested to echo the color of the whole outfit, which is a nice solution.

large scarves-09


Large colorful scarves

If you want to dress in a strong sense of fashion and atmosphere, then it’s highly recommended to choose a large colorful lattice scarf. But it must pay attention to the color of the lattice scarf. When matching a large colorful lattice scarf, it’s suitable to wear some basic clothes in normal color and basic style. This way, the scarf won’t take the main role of the outfit.

large scarves-10


Colorful dressing – same-color dressing

Besides the decorative function of large scarves, there is a very big advantage of them, which is that they can be used as a single dressing item and can be combined well with other outfits. For example, if you dress in the same color, then this principle can be applied between scarves and outfits.


large scarves-11

Same color matching

The principle of same-color dressing is that if 2 single items can echo each other for the whole look, then the whole look is full of details. Such a way of dressing can make the new color easy to handle. But it needs to pay attention to the same color matching is not suitable for the basic color outfits, which will let the whole look lack presence.


Same color in dark and light

Besides the principle above, you also can choose the same color in dark and light. Such a color combination has a strong sense of layering, what’s more, the colors are more fashionable when they are not paired together in a single color. One thing to keep in mind with the same color pairings is that if one color is bright enough, then the other should be light enough so that it doesn’t look too intense color-wise.

large scarves-12.png


Echo dressing

There is a small skill in the same color dressing – echo. Compared to the same color or the same color in different shades, the scale of echo is relatively small. For example, when choosing the echoing parts between large scarves and inner outfits, or large scarves and bags, shoes, hats, etc., the presence is not as strong as others, but the echoing part can enhance the details of the whole look

large scarves-13


Tips to Elevate the Sense of Fashion


In addition to their decorative and accentuating functions, large scarves can also be layered when dressing. For example, wrap a large scarf around the shoulder or inside a coat, exposing a little, and then you have a basic layering of a large scarf.

large scarves-14


Dressing as a shawl

In addition, large scarves can be worn as shawls on the shoulders. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that large scarves must be worn outside the coat. If you wrap a large scarf around a down jacket, it will look a bit bloated and won’t be as stylish as a normal coat.

large scarves-15


As a hooded scarf

Finally, hooded scarves are popular this year. As for a hooded scarf, a large scarf can be wrapped into a hooded scarf. What’s more, wrapping it in this way makes it look like a hooded scarf – functional & chic at the same time.

large scarves-16


In the End

All we shared end here and we hope that all these can help choose and match a large scarf this winter. Also, can give too many examples to refer to and can help you have a better understanding of a large scarf. If you don’t have any idea about a large scarf, you can go to our winter custom knit scarf part to choose one or browse on Amazon, Walmart, Esty, Goodwill, etc.

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