The Choice of Hats – How to Choose the Right Hat?

The Choice of Hats – How to Choose the Right Hat

Hats are essential for dressing, whether it’s summer, spring, fall, or even winter. Then how to choose the right hat for dressing is very important. Here, we Aungwinter – an experienced custom hat manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in hat and garment manufacturing, will introduce how to choose the right hat from the following aspects. Now, are you ready for this fun short trip?


1.    Chosen by Materials/Fabrics

Usually, we choose hats of different fabrics or materials due to different seasons. For example, warm fabrics such as wool fabric and cotton fabric hats for winter. For summer, we can choose hats made of breathable fabrics such as straw, cotton, linen, etc.



2.    Size

Choosing the right size is very important when choosing a hat. Then how to measure the circumference of your head. Here is the way – use a soft tape to wrap your head through your eyebrows and ears, leaving some space, and then you can get the right size of your head. When buying a hat, please refer to the size provided by the supplier.


3.    Face Shape

When choosing the right hat, you can choose without considering your face shape. For example, people with oval faces can wear all kinds of hats. People with square faces are suited to wear high-top hats. People with round faces can wear pointed and polygonal hats. People with long faces are fit to wear low-top hats.

different hats for different faces


4.    Complexion

Complexion, also called skin tone, is an important factor when choosing a hat. People with light complexions are suited to wear dark hats. Conversely, people with dark complexions are fit to wear light hats. In this way, you can avoid wearing a hat whose color is close to your skin tone, which makes you look tired and out of spirit.


5.    Matching Outfits

Considering the matching outfits is also an important factor when choosing a hat. The color complement between outfits and hats is very important because it can create the whole beauty sense of the whole look. For example, light-colored outfits go well with dark-colored hats, or dark-colored outfits go well with light-colored hats.

Matching Outfits when choosing a hat-01 Matching Outfits when choosing a hat-02



6.    Quality

The quality of a hat is determined by how long it lasts and how exquisite the look you create. So please check the quality of the hat carefully when you buy it. Check whether the stitching is neat and clean or not, or whether there are stains on the hat or not. If it’s a beanie, please check if there are any threads out or not, broken threads, missing threads, etc. If it’s a straw hat, please check whether the woven straws are neat and even or not. Or whether the connecting part is sewn or not; whether it’s collapsing or not.


7.    Season and Occasion

Choosing a hat by season and occasion is very important to show your manners and dress. For example, choose breathable and warm hats for outdoor activities. For formal occasions, you can choose top hats, fedora hats, etc.

custom hats


In the End

When choosing the right hat, please consider the above factors – fabric/material, size, face shape, complexion, matching outfits, quality, season, and occasions. If you’re interested in our content, please bookmark our blog site. We will continue to post from time to time.



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