The Difference Between Stock Hats And Customized Hats

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Nowadays, people usually use a tool when they go out, which is a hat. Whether it is in winter or summer, everyone will wear different hats. Here is a comparison between ready-made hats and custom-made hats.

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There are two types of hat procurement in the market – customization and spot procurement. Customization is expensive and has a certain lead time, while spot procurement is low-cost and requires a short period of time. The buyer can choose whether to customize or purchase from stock based on their own requirements and procurement budget.

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Hats customization is a complex process that requires various approvals from both the supply and demand sides before production can begin. Often the time cost is higher than the value of the hat itself, but the value of the finished hat is also very large. For example, a promotional hat for an event can have a good promotional effect, thereby increasing product sales. Or for a brand’s commemorative event, custom-made hats can play a meaningful role, allowing everyone to deepen their impression of the brand and enhance its publicity. It is also a soft advertising method.

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Spot wholesale generally requires a low-cost, short-term procurement model. Often the requirements for hats are not high, or they are disposable hats, so the target audience for purchasing hats is very broad, and the price requirements are naturally very low.

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