The Major Crafts And Processes Of Customizing Hats With A Professional Hat Manufacture

hat manufacturing workshop

What is the general process for hat manufacturers to customize hats?

After finding a hat supplier, customers will first communicate their needs to the manufacturer’s salesperson. The salesperson will inform the manufacturer’s designers of the customer’s needs and create design drafts for the customer.

After reaching an agreement with the client on the design draft, the manufacturer will start making samples for the client. The sample made according to the design draft will be sent to the customer for confirmation. After several rounds of modification, the customer confirms the sample, and the manufacturer will officially put it into production based on the sample.

Beore formal production, the manufacturer or customer will sign a contract and collect a deposit, which completes the process of customizing a hat

In fact, making hats is the same,no matter what kind of hat it is, it needs to follow a certain process flow. What process flow does a hat go through from a piece of fabric to a finished product?

custom hats

1. Sample workshop


custom hats


(1) Before mass production of hats, personnel from the custom hat manufacturer’s sample workshop will customize hat samples based on the provided samples or drawings.

(2) Or according to the customer’s needs, professional design, professional paper samples, professional sampling, make 3-5 hat samples for the customer, see if the hat procurement personnel are satisfied, and then batch process and produce hats.

(3) The sample workshop has high requirements for employees, including design, plate making, cutting, sewing, embroidery, printing, ironing, and abrasion. Customized hat manufacturers usually select skilled workers with years of hat making experience to provide customers with high-quality hat samples within 3-5 days.


custom hats

2. Cutting workshop

(1) The cutting personnel select fabrics, color cards, and knife molds according to the order requirements, organize the fabric pulling machine, and estimate the number of times the batch of fabrics will be cut, and use a press to cut them into pieces.

(2) According to the customer’s order requirements, select different models and use a punching machine for punching.

(3) According to the required size of the button, select the edge fabric and use a top tying machine to tie the top button fabric.

(4) According to the order requirements, choose a soft lining and use an ironing machine to attach the cap and lining together.

(5) According to the size of various buckles and the width of the tape, select the scraps and use a cutting machine to cut the fabric.

3. Embroidery workshop

Embroider the eye-catching cap with a CNC sewing machine.

hat manufacturing workshop

4. Sewing workshop

(1) Align the front cover with the middle page of the front cover, with the shoulder pressing side on the right side being shorter, and the upper right side being the shoulder pressing side.

(2) Align the back cover with the middle page of the back cover, and when facing the back, there is a shoulder pressing edge on the left side that is shorter, and when there is no shoulder pressing edge on the top, it is the right side.

(3) Double front pages and double needle mesh are selected with the same color and sewn with a sewing machine.

(4) Bend the bundle with the same color and use the same pressure foot to sew the head. The double needle fabric should not be visible from the front and should not wrinkle.

(5) After matching the colors before and after the middle stock, sew the thread together.

(6) The double needle is sewn with the same thread color as the double front page double needle mesh.

(7) The adhesive strip is flush with the edge of the cap and sewn with a sewing machine.

(8) Press the seam edge of the upper cap on the forehead against the side of the lower eyebrow, and place the sandwich in the middle of the sandwich cloth.

(9) Determine several lines of stitching and match them with the double needle color for running stitching.

(10) Check whether the size of the hat head is appropriate, the tightness of the Han Dynasty, and the pressure of the Han belt and trademark.

(11) According to the customer’s needs, the exposed line is generally the same color as the hat crown.

(12) Measure the size of the hat at the tail buckle, match the line color, pay attention to the line trace, and do not expose it, depending on customer requirements.

(13) The top buckle should be fastened with top buckle fabric in the center, paying attention to the front and back of the fabric, not crooked, and firmly fastened.

(14) Cut the thread ends and finish the entire hat, remove any excess thread ends.


custom hats

4. Packaging workshop

(1) Pack all labels, tags, text, symbols, graphics, and other explanatory materials related to the hat according to customer requirements.

(2) Packaging workshop personnel divide hats into bags, boxes, labels, and boxes according to customer needs.

(3) Assist logistics in handing over and loading goods according to the delivery date.

custom hats

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