Chic & Slick Combinations for Women Over 4 in Winter – Coats + Scarves

Chic & Slick Combinations for Women Over 4 in Winter - Coats + Scarves

Fashionable dressing must take into account the details and the overall appearance, and the two must complement each other. If you cannot handle one of them, the whole style will be distorted from the original style you want, and the level of fashion will also be affected. Those who dress in an ugly way cannot avoid these two points – lack of details or overwhelming in the overall sense, which leads to not looking pretty.


Women who are over 40 years old, cannot dress without coats and scarves, which is suitable for their ages, and keeps them warm at the same time. In such a dressing way, the whole look can involuntarily a sense of sophistication and slickness and express strong confidence. Then how to coordinate the relationship between both, please dive into the below parts with us, and these solutions will surprise you.


scarf and coat

Mature women pay more attention to details when dressing, and they can also hide the shortcomings of their bodies by the outfits to show their beauty, fashion, and temperament. Coats and scarves are the basic items in winter, and they are also popular among mature women. By focusing on the way, you dress, you can get a pretty and different look every day. Can you imagine how wonderful it is? Combined with various ornaments, the combination of coats and scarves can be much more beautiful.


scarf and coat-01

How to Dress with a Coat and a Scarf with a Slick Sense?

The combination of scarves and coats can display a sense of slickness and gentleness, which can show the charm of the feminine in a very nice way. If you don’t properly pair them, then the whole look cannot be as stylish and temperamental as the way you want.


Create an eye-catching point to elevate the overall look

The feeling when your look gets everyone’s attention is awesome, so coats and scarves are at the forefront of fashion. If there are no eye-catchers in the whole look, then it lacks some soul for the overall look. If you want to add some ornaments in scarves and coats, then you can try some small accessories to master the sense of fashion to display a perfect look.

Create an eye-catching point to elevate the overall look with scarf and coat


Confident & slick look

If you want to display a slick feeling as a dress by combining a coat and a scarf, then the shape of the coat needs to be terrific and slick, like silhouetted H-shape, straight-shape, or O-shape are proper to create a shaping sense. Adding a scarf can make the whole look romantic and gentle to show a strong sense of femininity invisibly, displaying a gentle and slick feeling at the same time. Simple and slick look.

Confident & slick look for scarf and coat


Choosing high-draping fabrics to create stylish looks

When dressing, what fabric you choose is also an important element. As for the fabrics of coats, it’s recommended to choose a woolen cloth that has a strong draping sense, what’s more, wool cloth is great in keeping warm and has stereo beauty, chic and shaped. In addition, it can create simple, grand, and highly confident looks with a woolen cloth coat. Combined with a scarf, you can easily create a classic style, looking chic and frank.

scarf and coat-02


Visual Fashion Creator – Different Color Combination of Coats and Scarves

There are many combinations for each single-color item so that it can be combined in the same color range or color contrasting. The beauty of subtle and soft fashion in visuals can be determined by color combinations. So, coats and scarves can create different visual beauty through color combinations.


Fresh effectiveness – dressing in the same color range

The simplest color combination is the same color, which never goes wrong and has no flaw in such a way of dressing. The color combination of a coat and scarf is in the same color range to show the classic charm. If the color belongs to the basic color range, it still looks pretty good as time passes.

dressing in the same color range


Creating contrasting effects between dark and light colors

Color contrast is between dark and light colors, which has a strong contrasting effect on the visual. Such a way of dressing is a very practical styling skill, and fashionistas know it. By creating a color contrast between a coat and a scarf, a simple color contrast is created that is easy for beginners to understand and master. A dark scarf with a light coat can create a light and dark color contrast that can take fashion to the next level.

Color contrast


Different Beauty in Different Dressing Ways of Coats and Scarves

The ways of wearing coats and scarves are different from each other, so they can create different styles in different ways. Wearing styles are popular on different levels and can enhance fashion in different ranges. Below are the different dressing ways of scarves and coats to create different styles.


Scarf: simply hanging around the neck

Simply hanging a scarf around the neck and draping at will can create a sense of casualness and freedom. And the coat dresses like a cardigan without buttoning up, then the overall look is full of simplicity and grandness. What’s more, such a combination can easily release a sense of kindness and fashion. If you love such a styling, please go ahead and try it.

Scarf - simply hanging around the neck


Scarf: knotted the scarf to keep warm and look layered

Simply knot the scarf at the front chest, and this is the most classic knotting of scarves, which can keep warm in winter and clearly express layered. Then, dressing the coat buttoned or without buttoning can make the whole look frank and simple.

knotted the scarf to keep warm and look layered


In the End

We hope that all we have shared above can help you style your coats and scarves this winter and raise your fashion sense to the next level. After learning how to dress in coats and scarves with flexibility and away from dullness, you can easily release your dressing levels and make you look more beautiful.

style your coats and scarves

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