High Fashion: How Older Women Dress a Scarf with Confidence and Elegance

High Fashion - How Older Women Dress a Scarf with Confidence and Elegance

It’s the middle of the winter season. If there is one piece of clothing that can make you stand out in winter, it must be a warm scarf. Not only can it keep you warm, but it can also make the whole outfit layered. What’s more, a scarf is the perfect accessory to enhance your overall look.


Particularly for female fashionistas, scarves are the must-have accessories in fall and winter. What’s more, when women are moving into middle age, they are at the stage where they have their understanding of fashion and the experience of life due to what they have experienced half of their life before. Therefore, as for dressing, they need not only fashion, but also health, and scarves can play their role in keeping warm in fall and winter.


So, here we are going to introduce several ways to wear a scarf for middle-aged women to display their sense of fashion by combining their understandings.


Scarves + Sweaters

Scarves + Sweaters

The style of most soft and warm sweaters is one-piece, and they are pretty on the outside and inside. Many people combine such a sweater with pants or skirts right away, then they can get a simple, elegant, and feminine look. However, if you dress like this for a long time, then the whole look will be boring, then it’s time to add a scarf to enhance the whole look.


Like the old lady in the picture above, dressed in a dark green loose sweater + a pair of black jeans + a pair of coffee shoes. So, the whole look is smooth and elegant, what’s more, choosing a natural and cozy scarf and knotting it around the neck at will, can enhance the look to be more fashionable.


Scarves + Sweaters-01

Scarves can be perfectly integrated with all elements, what’s more, they can make the whole look different when adding a scarf to everyday clothes. However, when matching, we need to use some skills to style the whole outfit, which can make the whole look more complementary and pretty. If you want a bright look, then you can choose a bright-colored scarf to match the whole look.


Like a black sweater, it’s classic, fashionable, yet versatile. If you don’t have any idea about choosing a sweater, you can choose a black sweater. Black color can be combined with any color. Such as the outfit above, a black sweater + a pair of white pants can form a strong white and black contrast, paired with a purple scarf, which is fashionable and with her temperament.


Scarves + Sweaters-02

Dressing in the same color range is more natural and may not cause color separation throughout the outfit. What’s more, dressing this way can create a sense of layering, especially when wearing low-necked sweaters. In addition, scarves are essential when it’s cold or windy.


Like the woman above, dressed in a green sweater + a pair of black tight pants + a white windbreaker, which looks natural and elegant. What’s more, the green scarf wrapped around the neck is simple and has a bit of elegance. The color of the scarf is the same as the color of the sweater, which is consistent and fun.


Scarves + Sweaters-03

If you think the color of your sweater is not pretty enough, then you can try to combine light-colored sweaters and scarves, in which you can master the fun of color contrasting.


For example, like the lady above, dressed in a camel sweater and a pair of dark blue straight-leg pants that look understated and natural. Paired with a loose and medium cardigan, the waistline can be made higher and the whole look more fashionable, confident, and elegant. The red scarf tied around the neck can add more femininity to the whole look.


Scarves + Suits-01

Scarves + Suits

The combination of a scarf and suit is the balance of seriousness and gentleness. Suits look classic, dignified, and confident, and we need to dress in a suit on many formal occasions to look decent. Since the style of suits is quite simple, with the ornament of the scarf, the whole look will be more lovely and vivid.


Black suits are the most common suits on the street, and they are suitable for many occasions. Like the old lady above, a black suit + long black dress looks dignified and elegant, but it’s a little monotonous and gloomy on the stage. Adding a brightly colored scarf can make the lady attract more attention with strong self-confidence.


When choosing a scarf, different fabrics can create different atmospheres due to their characteristics. For example, wool scarves are fashionable and casual, cashmere scarves are more elegant and grant-avant. Scarves can help women look confident and elegant from the bottom of their hearts.


Scarves + Suits-02

Scarves + Coats

Princess Anne’s look is simple and generous, and her meticulously combed gray hair looks fluffy and spirited. The black medium coat is super slick and confident with the scarf tied around her neck, which looks super fashionable, elegant, and energetic.


Scarves + Coats-01

Coats are one of the most popular pieces of winter clothing. If you wear a coat that is too thick, you will look bulky without style. Then you can combine it with a thin scarf to add a sense of lightness. The combination of coats and scarves is the most harmonious, which can show women’s elegance and charm.


Like the elegant old lady above, if the color of the whole outfit is rather dull, a red printed scarf can decorate the whole look and complement the elegant makeup. Then, paired with the same color tote bag, carry a coffee cloche hat, which can effortlessly create a modern and vintage look.


Scarves + Coats-02

A long scarf paired with a cotton coat can also create a splash of fashion. Adding a fashionable scarf under the lapel looks elegant and layered, and the color combination is harmonious. In this way, you can be the most attractive person in the crowd.


In the End

We hope that all we shared above can help you match your scarves this winter and give you more examples to refer to create a better look with these tips.



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