The Right Ways of How to Wash Different Hats

The Right Ways of How to Wash Different Hat

Hats are essential in people’s wardrobe and it’s normal to see a hat on the street or in daily wear. Then how to wash them is a big problem and the right way of washing can make them last longer and express the best value of them. Here, we – Aungwinter, a professional custom winter hat manufacturer, will introduce how to wash hats made of different fabrics in the right way.


dad caps

Hats require care and washing. After taking off your hat, please do not put it in a place randomly, it should be placed on a hanger in the wardrobe or in a drawer without heavy things on it to avoid deformation. After a long time of wearing, hats will get grease or stains, and they need to be washed on time.


If the inner sweatband is removable, please take it off and wash it, then put it back on to prevent mildew and moisture from sweat and prolong the life of your hat. Dust on the hat usually needs to be brushed off. Mud and grease on the hat can be cleaned with a soft brush dipped in hot soapy water to brush lightly, then rinse with clean water. When cleaning your hat, please find a round jar or porcelain pot the size of your hat, place your hat on it, and start brushing, this will prevent deformation.


Storing Hats: Please brush the dust on the hat and clean the dirt and grease, dry it under the sunlight for a while, then wrap it with paper and put it in the organized box with desiccant at the same time to avoid moisture, finally put it on a dry and ventilated place.


In addition, some special hats require different washing procedures. For example, washing detachable hats is quite special because some parts of detachable hats cannot be soaked (such as feathers, sequins, linings, etc.). If the lining of the hat is made of cotton, it can be washed as normal. If the lining is made of paper leather, then the only way to wash it is to wipe it with a dump towel, because the shape of the hat is stereo, and machine washing is not available.


Normal Washing Process of a Hat

  1. If there are ornaments on the hat, please remove them first.
  2. Using a neutral detergent to wash and soak the hat is best.
  3. Use a soft brush to brush the hat gently.
  4. Please fold the hat into 4 pieces to gently drain the water, and do not use a washing machine to drain the water.
  5. Please brush the inner sweatband more to clean the sweat dirt and bacteria completely. Of course, if your hat’s sweatband is made of antibacterial and odor-resistant material, you can wash it as normally as other parts of the hat.
  6. Spread the hat out, stuff it with an old towel, and lay it flat to dry in the shade, remember never to hang it to dry.


Washing Process for Special Hats

  1. Leather hats: Leather hats can be wiped with sliced onions and also cleaned with a towel dipped in gasoline, which can have a great cleaning effect.
  2. Hats: After washing, it’s best to stuff soft paper and towels inside the hats to dry.
  3. Thin felt hats: The stain on thin felt hats can be removed with a mixture of ammonia and an equal amount of alcohol. Dip a small amount of the mixture into a towel, then scrub the stained area. Don’t make the hat too wet or it will warp easily.
  4. Wool hats: Do not wash with water because wool fabric shrinks. If wool hats have dust or pet hair on them, you can use Scotch tape to remove the dust and hair from wool hats. Wool hats do not need to be washed every time you wear them, as this may shorten their life. If they are too dirty to wash, dry cleaning is the best option.



How to Wash a Beanies

The best way to wash a beanie is by hand. First, we can soak a beanie in water for a while, because this step can remove most of the dirt on the beanie, like dust, hair, etc. Then, please use a mild and neutral detergent, don’t use hot water, it’s best to use cool water to wash a beanie. After that, please sock the beanie for a while until the foam is out of the water, then we can rinse the beanie with clean water. If the stain is still on the beanie, please scrub it gently. Then we can rinse it, please don’t wring out water, use a towel on the surface of the beanie to absorb water, then dry it.


Please take care of the beanie daily, please don’t hang it with hangers or clippers, and we can’t put heavy things on it, otherwise, it’s very easy to cause deformation and damage, or the stitches are also likely to come off. Please put the beanies in shady places, strong sunlight can make the thread brittle or fade, and damping air also hurts the beanies. In addition, we can stuff some fiber into beanies to keep their shape and use desiccant to prevent molding. Please note that beanies are very easy to flourish bacteria, so after wearing a time, please wash them on time.


How to Wash a Baseball Cap?

Slight stain: Wipe the baseball cap slightly with a wet towel.

Strong stain: If there is a large area polluted by stains, please brush with a soft brush as below.

Wet the dirty place first, then put some detergent on the dirty place, use a toothbrush to brush gently, please do not brush too hard.


baseball caps


  1. Prepare a basin of lukewarm water, then add some mild neutral detergent to the water.
  2. If the baseball cap has a partial stain, then we can use a soft brush to lightly brush the dirty part.
  3. If the cap is very dirty, we can soak the whole cap in lukewarm water and gently wash the crown and brim. Then use a soft brush to gently brush the dirty parts.
  4. Usually, there is more sweaty dirt on the inner sweatband of the baseball cap, so we need to brush the sweatband several times to completely clean the sweaty dirt.
  5. After washing, use clean water to rinse the cap, please do not rinse directly under the toe because the strong rinsing force may cause deformation, easily throw the water out of the cap gently, and please do not use the washing machine to drain the water.
  6. Spread the baseball cap, stuff old newspapers or towels inside the crown, wrap the surface with tissues, lay it flat to dry, and forbid hanging it to dry.
  7. Use tape to remove dust, hair, and threads from the cap.



  1. Please do not wash a baseball cap in a washing machine, because the shape of a baseball cap is fixed, and machine washing will cause deformation.
  2. It is best to wash a baseball cap with lukewarm water, and please don’t use too hot water to clean a baseball cap, because washing a baseball cap in hot water can also cause deformation.
  3. When brushing the cap, please use a soft brush to gently brush the cap, and a soft brush can brush in more detail and won’t cause deformation.
  4. As for printed baseball caps, it’s best to dry clean them, otherwise, it may cause fading by hand or machine washing.
  5. After washing, please wrap the surface of the baseball cap can effectively protect it from yellowing.


All we shared ends here and we hope these tips and ways can help you better clean your hats, making them stay long and take the best of their values. If you are interested, please save our blog site to your bookmarks, we will keep posting from time to time with different content about different hats.

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