3 Types of Hats to Keep Warm & Stylish in Winter

3 Types of Hats to Keep Warm & Stylish in Winter

It turns out that these days lazy and unwilling to wash their hair are not only us these fairies, and laziness would have been open-ended gender well! To solve the hair washing problem, having some hats is very necessary. However, there are so many hats on the market now, therefore, it’s hard to pick the right one. To solve this problem, we are going to discuss the common hats in winter and who is suitable to wear them.


1. Beanie

Beanie is a stretchy hat that is made with knitted fabrics without brims. Some are cuffed on the edge and some are cuffless. There are some beanies with pompoms on the top of hats. All these belong to beanies.




By its name – beanie, we can know the style of beanie belongs to casual hats. Therefore, we can match it with some relatively mature items, such as long coats, wind jackets, suit jackets, etc., to resolve the aging temperament of those outfits. Thus, the whole look is much younger and more casual.

beanie styles


What’s more, we can match a beanie with some jackets that are designed with a sense of casualness, which can enhance the casualness of the whole look.

high-top beanie


Moreover, the sharpened top of the high-top beanie has a vertical extension effect. The whole look below is a little bit bloating, but adding a high-top beanie can make the whole look much taller and more upright. With such a beanie, it’s much easier to dress in loose outfits. In addition, aging-reducing high-top beanies can resolve the sense of dullness and aging, which can make you become 18 again.

high-top beanie-02



Suitable Face

To be honest, beanies are a little picky about face shapes because of without brims and stretch. It will wrap the whole head completely; therefore, big heads are not so suitable for wearing a beanie.



What’s more, beanies are tight fit and made with knitted fabrics that are great for keeping warm. If large-faced girls want to wear a beanie to keep warm, then it’s best to choose fluffy yarn-made cuffed beanies. Because the cuffed and loose designs can make the face look smaller. One more tip, large-headed or big-faced girls are best to choose dark-color cuffed beanies (I guess you know why).

large beanies


In addition, if round-faced, short-faced girls want to modify their faces, then it’s better to choose a pompom beanie, a slouchy beanie, or a high-top beanie. If your face is long, then choosing a short beanie is better, which is the contrary side of round-faced, short-faced girls.



Recommended Beanies

From color, black and gray are certainly wild-fashioned and appear in street photography frequently. What’s more, not to mention that both colors can make the head or face look smaller.


However, the festival season is coming soon, so we can choose some festival colors, like Christmas red, Christmas green, Thanksgiving colors (red gold/yellow brown orange), etc.

Recommended Beanies


2. Newsboy Cap

Many people are confused about newsboy caps and berets. Their structure is similar, but there is one distinctive feature which is newsboy caps are with brims and berets without.

newsboy cap



The front brim on the newsboy cap is the distinctive feature differing from berets, which can make newsboy caps more handsome than berets – more masculine. Therefore, we can find that newsboy caps are very suitable to match with cool, handsome outfits, like suits, dress coats, etc. Moreover, the whole look is slick and forthright.

newsboy cap styles


Since this is the case, the pursuit of a girly boss-style pie boss of course cannot be missing this one! The feminine over-the-knee boots with exposed white thighs are too girly? Then a handsome suit plus a newsboy cap can dissolve the maturity and sexiness of the knee boots.

black newsboy cap


If you want to create a much more casual and younger look, then taking old shirts and knitwear off and wearing sweatshirts with a newsboy cap, then here is a cute and young look.

newsboy cap-01


Suitable Face

It seems that the formability of newsboy caps is not stronger than berets’, however, the front brim of newsboy caps can modify the face shape, which has the same effect as berets. People with a square face or diamond face look pretty handsome when wearing a newsboy cap.

newsboy cap-02


If you have a plump face like a round face or oval face, then when choosing a newsboy cap, you should choose a newsboy cap with a flat brim, like Kate Moss on the left side, particularly for wide-face girls. Because the face will look smaller. If the brim is too curved, the chin will look rounder and wider.

newsboy cap-03


In all, newsboy caps are not picky about face shapes, or head circumferences. There are many styles, even elastic bands at the back, therefore, big-head girls can wear a newsboy cap without any worry.


In addition, if the head is pretty large, it’s suggested to choose newsboy caps that are made with woolen fabrics. Although leather newsboy caps are stylish, the reflective effect of leather will make the head look bigger.

newsboy cap-04


Recommended Newsboy Caps

For those girls who have small or regular heads, there are more choices for them to choose from. For example, newsboy caps that are made with PU leather or patchwork materials will be a highlighting spot for the whole outfit.


From colors, black and gray never go wrong and they are the most non-picky caps. What’s more, the hot color this year – camel color also deserves buying.

Recommended Newsboy Caps


3. Berets

The feature of berets is that they have a very soft structure and there is no brim on it. Moreover, you can change the wearing ways and angles to your needs or preferences.



Berets definitely are the love in the current fashion industry. Like the picture below – the Dior Show, so many girls are addicted to such a beret.

beret on the Dior show


For street photography, fashionistas love to wear berets and the leather beret is one of the most popular accessories this year.

street beret


The hot berets this year are not only leather berets, there are various materials made berets worn by fashionistas at the Fashion Show this year, like sequin berets, woolen berets, etc.


hot berets


Berets originate from military caps, so berets give people a sense of elegance without any pretentiousness.


Even for women who are full of femininity, when wearing a beret, the whole look is slick. In addition, pairing with neutral outfits like suit jackets or denim coats will add femininity to the whole look. Even though combined with skirts, berets won’t make you look pretentious.

beret styles


That’s the reason why people love berets so much. Moreover, berets have an elegant temperament themselves. One long furry sleeveless coat, with a beret, is not to wear this elegant and not pretentious strength out of it!

black beret


Suitable Face

The biggest feature of berets is that they can be adjusted to any angle, therefore, berets are not picky about face shapes. Round-faced people can wear a beret slanting; long-faced people can wear a beret to cover the forehead; small-faced people can wear a beret at the back of the head.



In addition, it’s picky about how to choose a beret. No matter what kind of face you have, if it’s a large face, you should choose loose and roomy inner berets. Because loose and roomy berets can prop up on the head and the face can look smaller.



Vice versa, if you have a narrow face, you should choose a small beret. Like the picture below, compared with the two berets. The beige one has a smaller crown than the dark blue one, which is much more suitable for the narrow-faced girl.



Recommended Berets

The most classic beret is not more than woolen-made beret, what’s more, this kind of beret is the most non-picky one. Whether you are a big-headed sister or a small-headed fairy, a woolen beret will never go wrong.


In terms of color, the popular color of pomegranate red not only lines skin tone but also looks joyful. If you don’t want to be all black, white, and gray, then consider buying a garnet red beanie.

Recommended Berets


In the End

We hope all we shared above beanies, newsboy caps, and berets can help you find the right cap for the coming winter and level up your fashion to the next level. If you’re interested in what we are talking about, please bookmark our website and we will post new articles from time to time. We hope all these tips can help you this winter.



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