The Simple & Not Fancy Dressing Tips in Winter for Women

The Simple & Not Fancy Dressing Tips in Winter for Women

How to dress in a warm yet exquisite way in the winter? By using simple puffer coats to create a look that is full of energy. Each solid-color coat can dress like a Korean goddess style. Each single piece has its own dressing style. Different dressing ways render different atmospheres. Therefore, when dressing, there need to be some skills.


Warm Dressing Tips in the Winter

Warm Dressing Tips in the Winter

① Color

Most people believe that the mainstream color in winter is dark colors, however, it’s not. Color combinations in winter also can be simple and not fancy, what’s more, winter doesn’t only give people a feeling of dullness, but also can be energetic.


The light-color long coat gives people a warm feeling, and the color of the coat is fresh and bright. Moreover, the inner layer is a warm-color series, which makes the whole look bright and brisk. Ending up with one pair of black wide-leg pants, the color combination is simple, which can show an intellectual sense of femininity.



② Style

It’s also picky about styles in winter dressing and the novel styles also can give people a bright and eye-catching impression. Generally, coats go well with the winter season. Wearing a long black coat can give people an impression of Korean beauty.


The upper inner dressing uses layering skills, a black bottoming shirt with one dark green knitwear, which gives people a warm impression. Pairing with a diamond lattice skirt is very retro – a vintage Korean goddess.


dressing with accessories

③ Accessories

As for winter accessories, it’s also picky. When wearing all black, accessories play important roles in dressing. What’s more, wearing one thick puffer baseball coat is warm and full of energy at the same time.


The inner matching is one shirt with one sweater vest, what’s more, layering is the most layered dressing way in the winter. Ending up with one black wide-leg pants, and the pleated design can make the whole look slimmer, which can enhance the length of the leg in visual effect. Adding a simple cross-body bag can make the whole dress brighter and more eye-catching.


Puffer Coats + Wide-Leg Pants

Simple & Not Fancy Dressing in Winter

Puffer Coats + Wide-Leg Pants

It’s probably only puffer coats to resist the cold in winter. The short beige down jacket can make girls look cute and lovely, which is a reducing-aging single piece.


The inner matching is a bottoming sweater that is warm and cozy. What’s more, sweaters are great in elastic, so they are flexible to fit girls’ bodies. Pairing with one pair of wide-leg jeans, denim pants, or even casual pants, the whole look is slimmer and taller. Moreover, warm and exquisite dressings in winter are suitable for petite girls.


Simple & Not Fancy Dressing in Winter

Green is the popular color this year, what’s more, green down coats are pretty not only because green color can bright skin tones, which can make girls look much healthier and better.


Then, the inner layer can be simple bottoming shirts, which can give people a fresh and sweet impression. Matching with one wide-leg and loose pants is gentler. In addition, wide-leg pants can cover the coarse legs and look slimmer in winter dressing. So, if girls are not confident with their leg shapes, wide-leg pants are the best choice for this winter.


Long Coats + Scarves

Long Coats + Scarves

Coats are the most popular single item in winter because they can completely show the temperament. The light green long lattice coat gives people a sense of gentleness and a quiet impression of girls, which is a very fresh dressing in winter.


The upper inner layer is one piece of light green knitwear that is warm and gentle. The bottom is one pair of light-color wide-leg pants; therefore, the whole look is simple and slimmer. A good-looking outfit is not without scarf decoration, the light green scarf makes this outfit more natural and good-looking.


Long Coats + Scarves-02

Matching coats in winter are full of atmosphere and also can create looks like Korean beauties. The long lattice coat is relatively vintage and the inner layer is one piece of black knitwear, ending up with one black woolen skirt. Then the whole look is full of winter atmosphere and looks like a goddess.


Wearing one pair of furry shoes is elegant and cute. Such a look is very suitable to pair with one beige-white scarf, which looks much warmer and this kind of color combination is low-key and warm.


Lamb Wool Coats + Wide-Leg Pants

Lamb Wool Coats + Wide-Leg Pants

Winter lamb’s wool coat as people feel warm, such a single item to wear is more intellectual, the inner layer is one piece of the solid-color sweater, therefore, the whole look is overflowing with vitality and innocence.


With the black pair of wide-legged pants, simple and gentle, wide-legged pants are thin and long legs, and short sections of lamb’s wool with a great show of the girls’ body advantage, petite girls with this are very high!


In the End

Dressing in a simple yet not fancy in winter needs the skills we share above, hope all these can help you to level up your winter dressing. If you’re interested in what we are talking about, please save our website and we will post new articles from time to time. We hope all these tips can help you this winter.

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